Chapter 11

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Title: the return of the dragon emperor

The chapter start now

Issei and Lilia destroyed the black dragon HQ

Lilia still throwing her attack at the Chairman dead body

Issei:hmmmm.... You know he is ded already right?

Lilia look at him and said: no shit Sherlock! Ah! Ah! Now what?

Issei: oh we will take over black dragon

Lilia: what! You gonna do the same as that asshole did! All over again!

Issei put his hand up: woah woah listen to me first ok, once we took over we will rebuild it, the amount of resources the black dragon have could develop one country into powerful military or the lead in technology so burning it all up it would be just too much of the waste

Lilia: so what do you suggesting then, it not like I doubting you. But how could we take all those resources or even if we could get our hands on those resources how do you plan on rebuilding the black dragon gang

Issei: ok we will take only the black dragon not the gang and you underestimate my intelligence in doing business too much. I understand the nature of human need however taking the black dragon is just first step to destroy the underground world, what you see is just the tip of the iceberg

Issei feel something very powerful and yet very familiar coming from the north

The Necrosword suddenly talking to Issei: master the dragon emperor is awakening

Lilia shock and try to find where is that voice come from: what did you hear that? I didn't go bat shit crazy didn't I?

She grab his shirt

Issei: nope, I can't hear anything maybe it just the wind, Haha just kidding say hi to the Necro

He show her his show and it speak: greeting Human, my name is Necro or you could call me Necrosword

Lilia speechless and instead of scared she seem to be excited: I want it, I want it! I want my axe to talk like that too

Issei signed: believe me soon it will become very annoying. But that aside I need you to go to this location and protect two people while I'm gone everything is in the note

He give her the note

Lilia: and where are you going?

Issei: to meet a friend

And he just disappear and making her question if he is a Batman

Lilia: duck it, and just gone in Batman style let see where I need to go........ Hawaii!.... Neat

Issei summons his Wyvern and riding straight to Mount Everest

The Necrosword speak: master there are thing that need to tell you

Issei: then tell me already! I don't have all day

The Necrosword: I could do better than that I will pass on those information into your head

Issei: wtf I like it, do it right away

The sword begins to transfer the information and Issei's eyes turning black and back to normal

Issei took a deep breath and said: hmm.......
The tournament and those Bitches already know my intentions. But it doesn't matter now, I still prefer that they bring those so call lesser of a man than Riser to come and witness the tournament then they will know just how insignificant their existence are

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