Time to eat

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Ranboo Finishes making lunch heads back down to sit with Tubbo until woke up.
He wakes up with his face in Ranboo's chest.

Tubbo:(coughs and yawns) Hi Ranboo

Ranboo: Hi Tubbo I made lunch, Here sit up

Tubbo sits up and drinks some water while Ranboo grabs his and Tubbo's lunch and puts it in front of Tubbo.They eat then Ranboo and Tubbo watch TV until Tubbo falls asleep again. Ranboo carefully goes up stairs and gets the soup Tubbo's mom put on the counter for him and brings it down to Tubbo and slowly wakes him up.

Tubbo: (in groggy voice) mhm

Ranboo: you hadn't eaten much of your lunch so your mom made you soup.

Tubbo: I'm not hungry

Ranboo: come on you have to eat something today.

Tubbo finally eats hos soup and starts to get up but his legs are stiff because he hasn't really walked around a lot.

Tubbo: can you help me up?

Ranboo: sure but where are you going

Tubbo: just the bathroom

Ranboo helps Tubbo up and he fixes his clothes since he had been sleeping all day, Then walks to the bathroom with Ranboo.

Ranboo: if you need anything ill be out

Tubbo: okay thanks

Tubbo finishes up and his Stomach starts to hurt

Tubbo: Uhm ow

Ranboo: hey you okay in there Tub

Tubbo: can you come in here.

Ranboo: umm sure, what's wrong

Tubbo: my stomach hurts very badly.

Ranboo: okay how bad?

Tubbo: pretty badly

Ranboo: we can go back and sit down and ill bring a trashcan if you throw up.

Tubbo: (Smiles and blushes) okay

He helps Tubbo up and lays Tubbo down on the couch. He also grabs the trash can.

Ranboo: You get some sleep and maybe we can stream if you feel better tomorrow.

Tubbo: Okay and thank you I know that you didn't want to spend you time on this.

Ranboo: Tubbo all I wanted to do is spend time with you awake or asleep.

Tubbo: very funny (he jokes) good night I love you.

Ranboo: Ily beeboy.

(Tubbo smiles)

He slowly drifts away While Ranboo sets up to stream tomorrow then sits next to him on his phone.

Words-367  you see what i did there.This is more of a filler part I still hope you enjoy. Please give me a good title for this.

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