Chapter 68 - Hello, there

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As yu enter back to the compound, the others seperating as you stood beside Thor, who's gained a few pounds..

"Drifting left, on the side there, Lebowski," Tony exclaims to Thor who was drinking beer, "Ratchet, how's it going?" He asks Rocket who was fixing something on the bottom.

"It's Rocket, take it easy, you're only a genius on earth, pal," Rocket retorts, making you snicker as you went forth to talk beside Tony.

You pat his shoulder, making him twirl to see you, "Hello, there, asshole," You greet making him chuckle, "Good mood? You got the therapy I asked you to go to?"

"No offence, kid, from your state, you look like the one who needs therapy," You scoff, making him raise his arms in a surrendering position, "Hey, I said no offence!"

You smiled, "How's life goin' for you?" You ask, watching as he turned with his heel to continue his work.

"I got this kid named, Morgan, this teenager named, Y/n," You chuckled, "And my lovely, beautiful, special wife, miss Potts."

"Sounds like one hell of a family," You responded, watching as Thor ran around the compound with his beer still in hand, "I'm sorry for..Peter."

Tony smiled, "Don't worry about, kid, we'll get them back," He answered.

You were about to open your mouth to say something else, until you were called to the room where the rest were conversating in.


You entered the room which Steve had requested for you to go in, hearing as they list of random movies.

"Yes?" You ask, making heads fall to you.

"Tell them it's fine to kill baby Thanos, man," Rhodes insists, holding your shoulder.

You furrow your brows, "Well..I wouldn't say no," You shrug, making Bruce scoff.

"You guys," Bruce drags his finger from you to Rhodes, "Are horrible."

"Hey, he killed half the universe why the hell not?" You retort, crossing your arms.

"See, she has a point," Rhodes points to you, with a relieved expression, thinking gratefully he wasn't the only one with the idea.

Bruce shakes his head, "Time doesn't work that way, changing the past doesn't change the future," He informed.

"Well, I've dealt with going to the past before this time wouldn't possibly be that hard," You spoke up.

Scott looks at you with his mouth hung agape as so the others, looking at you with different expressions.

"Well, different than that, but we've changed the past before and it sure did work."

"With who, when?" Bruce asks.

"Five Hargreeves, several years ago, do we really have to talk about this?" You ask, un-crossing your arms, "I mean, it works-just, it creates new realities."

"Possibly bad ones," Bruce chimes in.

You nod, "Yeah, well, that doesn't matter. It's not ours," You shrug, "And besides, what could possibly go wrong?"

Scott sighs, "I can't do this," He suddenly said, his chest rising and falling in a fast pace.

"I'll do it," You volunteer, "I mean, I've done this before, on several occasions actually."

"You could've helped with the machine, then," Steve narrows his eyes playfully, making you roll yours.

You sigh, "I'm not a worker-kind of gal, I'm mostly fight, no," You smiled.


As you stood upon the platform, you were wearing a suit, no so tight, but the right size. It was bulky up front, but just enought to balance it from the rest.

"Alright Y/n, you know the rules. Don't tell anybody about yourself, and especially, no informing about the future," Steve listed, making you sigh.

"I know, Cap, I know," You repeat with a smile, making him nod.

Bruce cleared his throat, "Okay, we're going in," Bruce counts as you felt yourself getting pulled inside.

The helmet automatically shielding your head as you see random colors pass by, the light causing your eyes to squint.

You felt yourself land on a bunch of boxes, in the dark, and in front of you a wooden door.

You hear soft murmurs, making your head perk up as the helmet goes down, causing you to pant.

"I think we should start a poll," You hear Vision's muffled voice, making your brows furrow.

"Hold on," You hear yourself say, slowly standing up from the pile of boxes.

You reach for the handle, and you immediately fall forward. It was open all along, and a large yelp escaped from your lips when you reached the floor.

"What the.." Tony muttered, seeing as they all were standing by the moment.

You carefully stood up, groaning at the process. You freeze once you see the gawking eyes, making you give an awkward grin.

You clap your hands, "Hello, there," You greet, making them release their weapons. "Woah, Hakuna your tatas, it's me," You raise your hands in a surrendering position.

"Y/n?" Loki asks, making your mouth hung slightly agape, how you missed him, "Why do you look so..beaten up, dear?" He asks.

You scratch the back of your neck, "I-uh.." You struggled to find the words, until you hear the beeps from your watch, "I got to go!" You exclaim.

Before escaping the premises, you were able to lunge at the couch and take a pillow, for evidence. Before getting sucked away, once again.

Your past self entered the room with her head tilted by a slight, "What's wrong?" She asked.

Loki turns to her, as the rest aswell, "Crazy shit," Tony answered as the rest mumble in agreement.


I was bawling when I saw this on my Pinterest

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I was bawling when I saw this on my Pinterest.


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