WLG: Epilogue

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15 years later

Lacey's pov: 

"Lillian Thane, Tyler William, and Jacob Gunner Richmond, you three better come here and explain yourselves!" my voice booms throughout the first floor with my fist our on my hips while I wait in my study; Darren lies back in an armchair, reading a newspaper with his spectacles, with an amused smile upon his face. I try to shoot him a glare, but it doesn't work since I love him so much. "It's not funny, Darren." 

He just chuckles as my triplets, who had turned fifteen just a month ago, came in with bewildered expressions, and I order them, "Sit." 

They do as I say, sitting on the couch next to Darren. I held up what was once a little handmade doll of mine. "Which one of you did this?" 

"I didn't do it!" they all protest. I raise a skeptical eyebrow then glance at my youngest child, Alexandria, who had just finished crying over the doll that was made like one my Cobbler mother had given me when I was little. Anyways, I had to do the process of elimination if I was going to figure out who destroyed the doll I had spent weeks perfecting.  

Hmm...it couldn't have been Lillian; it use to be hers as well until she handed it down. The boys. Definite possibilities. But Jacob was always too responsible to start doing something like this. That leaves me to stare Tyler down. "Tyler William Richmond, I swear if you are lying..." 

"I'm not, mom! I promise!" he argues with his innocent brown eyes; the triplets had inherited my eyes, but Darren's looks. Though with seven-year-old Alexandria, it was the opposite. I sigh, but when the triplets move to get away, I snap, "You're not excused yet." 


I wave their protests off as I call out, "Erin Fawn, Xavier Gwin, and Quil Maximus Richmond, you two come here!" 

My twins, Quil and Xavier, who were eleven, came the next minute; I motion for them to sit with everyone else while I wait for my girl, Erin, who was thirteen. She came with a guilty look, her straight brown hair falling around her face and blue eyes confused. I indicate my head to my kids, and I stand in front of them once more. "I'm going to ask again: Who did this?" 

"I didn't," the triplets protest again, and I sigh and nod, letting it go. I stare at Erin, who shook her head as she look at the doll in pity; she had had the doll after Lillian, who had passed it to Alexandria. My twin boys were the only ones left. I raise an eyebrow. "Xavier, Quil, do either of you have something to do with this?" 

Quil look to both his sides then points to himself. "Who? Me? Mother, you can't possible think it was sweet, innocent little me, could you? Oh my... You do mother! You're accusing me of a crime I did not commit! I think I'm... I think I'm..." Then he faints dramatically.  

I couldn't help but laugh along with everyone at my son. He inherited my love for theater, but he took it to a whole new level. I roll my eyes then have my face lean over his. "Oh my dear son Quil, please do not tell me lies. Did you shred the treasure?" 

"I may fool with my siblings, but I would never hurt the girls and you that way... I'm dying of a broken heart... A heart that was broken when my own mother blamed me... Goodbye," he breathes then lets his tongue flop out of his tongue. I shake my head. "Good show, Quil. Now, Xavier?" 

"It was an accident!" he exclaims immediately, guilty written across his face. "She dropped it next to my frogs, and I mixed them up. I'm so sorry, mom, Alexandria, sisters." 

I release my tension and anger and kiss his forehead. "It's alright. I'm glad you apologized, but you should have come to me sooner. Be careful next time." 

He nods, and Darren informs me as all our kids exit my study, "I told we shouldn't have sent him to your crazy scientist brothers, Gwin and Harrison. They're practically mad." 

"BUT they're very successful and have been the best scientist in years," I defend, proud of my step siblings. Darren chuckles, "Yes, I suppose so. Meanwhile, Thane, Mina, and Jay just finished with their European tour." 

"Already? Do you know if they're coming back soon?" I pester him, glancing over his shoulder to the paper. Sure enough, there is a picture of my sister-in-law and two siblings are on stage in Paris, France. I chuckle, "Who would have thought your little sister and my step siblings would form a band, which became the hottest in only, like, a year?" 

Darren chuckles and nods. "Pretty spectacular, they are. They called yesterday while you were in the Alpha, Beta, and Omega House meeting. They're going to be here for awhile then off again." 

"At least we get to see them." 

He nods then pulls me to him until I'm on his lap with his arms around me. I smile then kiss his nose, and he does the same. "We have made a spectacular family and future for werewolves." 

"We do have an amazing family, but what about that 'future for werewolves' part?" 

"Lacey, in the five years you've been Alpha-Alpha, you accomplished the following: made a treaty with the hunters, ended all rogue threats, fought all the non-treaty hunters, made another treaty with those hunters..." 

"Darren, I don't think all those were very successful. I nearly lost all the Beta House with the Rogue War, and nearly lost all the Omega House in the Hunter War." 

"But, you have filled in those spots again. Antonio is Omega-Alpha, Nathaniel Jay is Beta-Alpha, and then there's you. You've made great decisions, Lacey." 

"I've almost made some mistakes," I point out. He sighs. "We all do. Even if we're not just human, every species can make mistakes. You live and you learn." 

I nod then peck his lips. "I'm glad to have you, Darren. Just think: practically sixteen years ago, I knew nothing of my race, and you knew nothing of me. Makes you wonder how all it all came to be." 

"Fate," Darren answers me, though I didn't ask a question. I smile and say, "All things happen for a reason" before giving the sweetest kiss I've ever given in the fifteen years we have been married.


End of Book One of the Mannaro Series 

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