Chapter 1

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Wen Jiu always felt that he was a good person, even if he didn't have enough money to help the poor old people, he at least gave them his seat from time to time when he took the bus.

Well, if he wasn't a good person, he would at least be considered an ordinary person who didn't cause any harm to the world.

So he couldn't understand why such a harmless self like his would be struck by lightning.

What exactly happened?

It all started on Wen Jiu's twenty-fourth birthday.

Old people often said that the year he was born, wasn't a good year and it will cause him a catastrophe, but Wen Jiu, who has received so many years of scientific education, has never taken such words seriously.

Due to the early death of his parents, his grandparents who brought him up also died one after another when he was in high school,   Wen Jiu had no idea about birthdays and how they are celebrated. If it wasn't for him opening his mailbox he wouldn't have known it was his birthday and he would have never known what it's like to receive a birthday wish.

Of course, it doesn't matter whether you remember your birthday or not. What's important is that Wen Jiu was checking out a certain novel website the day before, and he successfully transmigrated into the senior brother of the protagonist's named Wen Jiu. He spent the whole night reading the novel and then he reached a point of the plot where it was so hyping! It was when the protagonist of the novel was about to stand on the top of the world with gold fingers and collect all the beauties in the world, but suddenly the story stops abruptly, and the author wrote that he has something and is going to take a leave for a weak.

Wen Jiu looked at the latest update, which was the same night.

The original feeling that he had when he was reading the novel turned into a mouthful of old blood choked in his heart and that is when he realized that he could only read the next chapter a week later.

The author is a bear, saying he will come back a week later. Who will remember that you wrote a hair by that time?

This is not an ordinary mess, it's like you are watching an action or romance movie and the plot got so cool and was about to be perfect, but then suddenly you find yourself withered because the movie stopped at that part. That feeling of being aggrieved is completely beyond the description of words.

In short, Wen Jiu, who felt very annoyed with this didn't have the mood to sleep anymore. He angrily posted a hundred-character paragraph in the comment area, and then looked at the time in the lower right corner of the computer, it was 6 a.m in Beijing time. After reading the novel for the whole night it was already morning and it was time for him to go and eat breakfast.

Raising his hand and rubbing his face twice, he felt almost awake, Wen Jiu planned to go out to eat a legendary breakfast that he had basically not eaten since graduating from university and working in codes.

It was midsummer at this time, the city he lived in was in the south. In summer, it was raining almost every day, so he wouldn't expect a few sunny days.

This day was quite a good day. After he went out, he found that the sun was shining brightly on the horizon in the east. The sky was blue, and a few thick white clouds gathered together. In conclusion, it looked pretty.

Good weather makes people feel better. After Wen Jiu looked at the sky, he lowered his head and raised the corners of his mouth slightly, feeling that the old blood that had just been stuck in his heart seemed to have disappeared a bit.

Except for falling into the big pit and reading a novel for a whole night, everything looked pretty good, but at this moment, there was a lightning flash in the sky that appeared without a warning, and it struck Wen Jiu straight. Before he could look up, he was struck by the lightning in the center of his forehead, making the people around him shout in exclamation, the hit left only a pile of his body parts.

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