12. Morning*

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*notice the title be careful;) *
12. Morning.

  Harry was still in bed. His bare chest uncovered as he laid on his back. The sheets pulled up to his waist. I looked at his chest rise and fall as he breathing was at a steady pace.

He was truly breathtaking in this peaceful state. I opened the door fully and crept to his bed. I straddled his body my knees pressing into the mattress on either side of his waist. He wasn't startled just let out a loud snore, then continued his soft ones.

My fingers ran over his body. They dipped in between his muscles valleys. He's been working out a lot more since the break up. I smiled and then heard him groan slightly I knew he felt it. I dipped my head down sucking the soft skin of his stomach. He emitted a deep moan from his throat and breathily said something I didn't understand. I moved up his body and licked his nipple he always went crazy for that. His eyes still shut and his lip was between his teeth. He knew it was me. I made a bold lick between his chest. His hand came up, he was fully awake. He pulled me up to his face by my chin. Before he spoke I nibbled the soft skin of his neck. I licked a strip from his throat to his ear. I sucked his earlobe then whispered.

  "Where are you going?" I asked sexily, working him.

  "Manchester." He moaned lowly then snapped out of it. "Shit." He pounded the bed.

  "Thanks." I tried to move but his large hands grabbed my thighs stopping me. He squeezed the back of my legs.

  "Don't think so Rose." He paused. One hand came up behind my neck and he pulled me down to his face. "I knew you were up to something."

  "You didn't stop me." I whispered against his lips. He moaned aroused. "I've got you wrapped around my finger." I teased him. I ground my hip against his. He fisted my hair as I felt him press himself against me. "What are you going to Manchester for?" I asked still grinding against his bulge.

  "I have business." He tried to not tell me.

  "What kind of business?" I asked my hips moving faster the friction between our bodies and the sheets. He threw his head back and then whispered very slightly.

  "I need to help a friend."

  "With what?" I asked I felt him push against me craving my body. His hands on my bum pushing my crotch against his.

  "He needs me to help him get rid of this guy." I stopped moving as his eyes opened staring at me questionably. "What?"

  "You're going to kill someone?" I asked.

What kind of American Mobster shit is he into?

  "No! He needs me to-" he paused. "Wait why am I telling you?"

  "Because if you don't answer me ill make sure you'll never feel this good again!" I put my hands on his chest placing all my weight there.

  "Listen, some twat has been harassing his girlfriend at work and he can't fight so he need me to go down and help."

  "Why a week?" I asked not believing anything he said. I could tell he was lying. I'm a year younger than him, not stupid.

  "I need to do some other things as well."

  "I don't want you to go." I paused and got off the bed but his arms gripped my wrists in his hands. "And I know you're hiding something."

  "I'm not."

  I got close to his face my nose on his as I spoke against his plump lips. "I've been with you for a year. I know when you lie. And if you think I'm going to help you finish. Think again. You've got a hand. Use it." I pulled my arm out of his grip in annoyance. "Oh and if I find out you're up to anything your hand will be the last thing you should be worried about."

  I stormed out pissed.

  What the hell does he mean by 'business'?

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