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It’s been 2 months since we trained for our combat skills and practice our choreography and singing lessons. However, I did not expect this event to happen so early….

One month ago….

Tsubasa: Good morning members.

All: Good Morning!

Tsubasa: I called for all of you because I will make a big announcement later in the concert but I want you to know it before the others.

*clears her throat*

Tsubasa: A week ago I dispatched Chieri and the previous successors to hold a concert in Iranustar, the planet where you had your selection round. Yesterday, I got a report from their supervisor. 30 minutes before the concert will finish, the…the DES came back and attacked the concert venue. We didn’t know that DES is back that’s why we didn’t not prepare and escape plan. The fans are safe however the members are in critical situation. A-and…and Chieri…Chieri…became a full-Center Nova. She vanished juts like the previous ones.

All of us gasped from the news we heard. It’s just unbelievable that DES is alive and they are trying to ruin the 00 worlds again.

Tsubasa: I informed our comrades about it. The WOTA and PHL48. I discussed the plans with the RappappaV2 and we decided to do this…

The screen showed the plan… “Mission Center Nova & Position 0”

Tsubasa: These 2 titles are the most important ranking in the 0048 family. However, Position 0 is the highest. Acchan’s ranking is the one nearest to that position. And we discovered that, if you have the Position 0, you can be a strong Center Nova. They said that, the understudies concert 2 years ago, where 00 went to Lancastar, Nagisa-san was supposed to be the Center Nova. But because we are not in Akibastar, it was not completed. This is just our theory. You may have not heard about this ranking because only a few know about them and you can count the members that had this position. Actually, there are only 5 48 members who took this rank. The original RappappaV2. They gained this position together and they became Center Nova’s together, which made them strong. So, we plan to make our very own Center Nova. We need two candidates. One from the successors and one from the understudies.  We chose Acchan for the successors and we will just choose from the understudies. So, this is how we will chose your representatives.

Tsubasa-san said while pointing at us.

Uhmm, Tsubasa-san…GOMEN! I didn’t understand anything from what you have just said. Can you please repeat it?

Tsubasa: But before that, I want to say that your generation needs to have a leader. That’s why we chose, Miyagi Kyori to be your leader. As for the combat position:

Leader: Miyagi Kyori

Strategists: Hanakage Chizuko and Sadagawa Yuna

Guard: Iwata Karen, Sumire Hana, Matsui Rina, Miyazaki Ran,Shinoda Eva

“Eehh! Wait! How about me?! What is my position?” I asked Tsubasa-san.

“I’m sorry but you will not be in the combat position. You will be Chieri’s Replacement.”she said and the other members gasped.

I’m sorry again. What did she say?? I don’t understand anything.

“Pardon? I didn’t seem to hear your words right.” I asked while wiping my ears.

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