11. Phone Call

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10. Phone call.

  Today harry answered his damn phone 3 times not including the two this morning. He either went into the hall or closed his room shut and spoke softly so I couldn't hear.

  I went to his room when the secretive phone calls had finally gone down.

  He looked over at me and then sighed.

  "What?" He sounded annoyed, which thoroughly irked me.

  "Why can't you tell me?" I asked him briefly looking down not wanting to make eye contact with his dark green eyes.

  "I just can't." He urged.

  "So you're leaving me alone, here alone, to go to a place that I don't know?" I clarified, trying to point out how stupid he's being.

  "I'm not telling you because I know you would follow me." He explained, and he was right.

  "I promise I won't follow after you just tell me." I grabbed his arm with my hand. My fingers clenched around his arm and I felt him flinch. I knew he had a weak spot there and smirked as he looked at me.

  "I'm not going to tell you." He held his ground.

  "Fine, ill get it out of you. I have my way Styles." I left his room slamming my door loudly shut.

  He thinks that I don't know his weaknesses. As tough as he is I know how to make him grovel on his knees and whisper my name. I've been with his shady arse for a year and I'm not naive. I know how to get what I want.

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