10. Afternoon

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*filler! The next couple chapters will be better pinky promise.. Enjoy x*
10. Afternoon.

  I woke up late.

Really late.

I hadn't fallen asleep until 7 this morning, I suppose my happy heart was restless.

Last night was good, it was good to have him back, well back as if he was mine again. Harry carried me back to my own bed once he heard me yawn.

But now I'm alone.

The apartment seemed so cold without him around. I was feeling so desperate for someone, some company and especially after last night.

  I walked into the kitchen to see what we had and grabbed a banana to keep me occupied. I heard a mumbled voice from outside the flat. I opened the door and peered down the hall and saw harry pacing the hall on the phone.

  "No, I'm not doing this!" He stated.

  "You have too." The other voice loud enough for me to hear from 3 feet away.

  "I don't have to do anything!" Harry defended, harshly.

  "Don't hang up Styles!" The other voice shouted. He hung up and punched the wall and looked at me. My face frightened and my mind wandering.

  "Rose-" he tried I quietly backed into the room terrified of his actions.

  "Rose!" He shouted again. He opened my door and looked at me. I offered a small smile to hide my afraid ways but he saw through it. "It's-"

  "You don't need to tell me." I assured, not wanting to know honestly.

  "But I want too." He paused. "I have to go away, for while."

  "Where?" I asked, sounding like a child.

  "I can't say." He whispered quietly under his breath. I rolled my eyes and got up but he pulled me back with his grip on my wrists, I winced slightly, still tender.

  "Let go."

  He didn't say anything about my demand and then continued. "It'll be for a week."

  "Let go of me." I continue to try and shake from his grip, annoyed.

He makes it so hard to trust him...

  "Dammit Rose listen!" He shouted, frightening me more. I shuddered by reflex, becoming more introverted. He glanced at his tight grip, and gasped softly. He rubbed his rough thumb over my skin looked at where he grasped it but only a couple days ago. "Did I do that?" He asked as he peered at the reddened print. He didn't look at me wanting me to speak. "Did i do that?" He asked again with more passion.

  "Yes." I spoke quietly.

  "I'm so sorry." He brought it up to kiss it. I winced as it was still a bit tender but he continued anyway. "I can't believe myself."


  "I am so sorry." He got on his knees and put his face on my lap. "I'm so sorry Rose."

  "Harry I'm fine." I pushed him up looking at him. "I'm fine." I promised.

  His phone rang from in his pocket and he grabbed it. "I need to take this." He looked sorrowful.

  "Go." I urged.

  "Stay here, don't follow me." He reprimanded. I rolled my eyes and shoed him away.

  As he walked off I was so curious as to what he was doing I felt the urge to follow. I knew he was in the hall again and I didn't want him to know I was purposely going to listen to him so I went into the kitchen and began to bake.

  I got the ingredients needed to make brownies and waited until he was inside to use the mixer. This isn't obvious at all- I mean you can totally see my passion for baking from a mile away...

  "Fine." He growled lowly. "No I didn't tell anyone." He spoke rudely. "Yes she still lives with me." He spat back. "No. She's inside the flat." He paused waiting for the mystery caller to respond. "Yeah, bye." He hung up as I began rummaging through the cupboards for the muffin tin because who would've thought I couldn't find our cake tray...

  "What did I tell you?" His jaw tightened as he saw me in the kitchen.

  "I'm making brownie muffins. Not eavesdropping." I said still bent over in the bottom cupboards.

  "Rose!" He shouted snapping my attention in his direction. He held out the muffin tin setting it down then leaving the kitchen.

  He went into his room and shut the door leaving me to finish my useless baking alone. My good idea, gone bad...

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