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Alessia's pov

It's currently 4 pm.

Alex is with me now with bubby.

And yes.

Everyone allowed me to bring alex home.

But after a lot and lot of persuasion.

When alex came home everyone was giving him weird glances and bubby also.

Soon I started working on the project.

"So al tell me about you" Alex asked me.

"Her name is alessia. She is a straight A student.
She loves me a lot and I like to break noses" Bubby said going in his 'overprotective big brother' mode.

"How many brothers do you have al" Alex asked again.

I was about to answer but bubby spoke again.

"23 older brothers 3 uncles 1 grandpa and 1 dad. All overprotective as fuck. Got a problem. " Bubby said throwing Alex a weird glance.

"Language" I scolded bubby.

"Sorry baby" Bubby said sheepishly.

Alex sighed while muttering some things which I didn't quite catch.

After a lot of persuasion, I sent bubby to the game room where everyone is enjoying.

After an hour our project was completed and I went down to bring some food for us.

All the boys were in the game room.

All elder men are on work while all the ladies are gone out.

And I don't know where Brittney is.

I was walking to the kitchen when suddenly I heard a voice.


I winced at how loud the voice was.

I went to the door to see who was there.

There was a very tall, pretty brunette girl standing on the door.

She probably heard me come because she turned to me.

When she looked at me, her nose wrinkled up in what I assume is disgust.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I was in bubby's hoodie with furry knee length socks and my hair were open.

"Who are you" She asked me but before I could answer she started talking again.

"You are probably one of the Russo's slut here. What say whore. But stay away from xander he is mine. " She said as she grabbed a fistful of my hair making it pain a lot.

Tears started rolling down my eyes.

When I didn't say anything she smashed my head in the wall.

Blood started to pour out of my forehead like river.

I was crying very loudly now.

She was about to slap me but a hand stopped her as soon as I started to hyperventilate.

My knees gave up and I fell on the ground.

My breathing got hard while everything went blurry.

Soon I felt a body hugging me.

"Deep breaths baby. In. Out. In. Out. Follow me please" After 15 minutes of coaxing i was finally able to breathe properly.

I look up to see sandro hugging me and all my friends looking concerned behind him.

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