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Why do you cheat? Am I not worthy?

Is it fun for you? How does it feel to go behind my back?

If you never wanted me then you should have said no.

To waste my love thinking you love back, To cheat me out of love,

To lie to my face, To hurt me was your intention,

How would you react if I cheat? To pay you back in kind.

How would you feel if it was I you found, tangled up in another's arms,

What would your emotions be? Would you have died inside,

To feel your heart go cold, to witness the coupling of two so deep,

The protrait that can never be forgotten, To close one's eyes is to see the image clearly reflected,

That act of cheating,

A pain so deep, no way to survive,

How to get past these hurts?,

Those four words cheat,

What do I wish for her?, What do I wish for you, my love, my heart, the cheat?

Tell me? what to do next? I feel like am drowing,

Drowning in denial and fear of it being true,

Wake me up to sunshine, My eyes may be decived me,

You a cheat it's laughable,

Cheat a word that revolves through my mind,

No but denial sounds so bliss,

Tonight I forget to dream of my perfect heart,

A heart broken,

You who are my heart,

A cheat, How to handle this?

How to mend the link that's broken,

A cheat?

By Mariam Furaha.

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