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I couldn't breath i was suffocated is this the last time for me to be alive if it is then at least i spent it's days with my beloved but i don't want to die yet not now.

( Kris's POV )🔥

I was sitting on the bench beside our stuff, i stood up, i wonder where tori's been she's been away for so long, then i saw hands flapping on water and people screaming for help and so is that person I couldn't figure out who it was so i got closer then it hit me it's Victoria she's drowning OH FUCK NO!!!, then i took off my shirt and dived in the water i began swimming as fast as i can and when i was almost there her actions and movements began to decrease and I freaked out then she went in the water i had to dive down to get to her and I was so close i grabbed her hand and swam back to the shore with Victoria on my back i laid her on the sand "wake up Victoria come on your stronger than this " i began to panic, I remembered that i've learned (CPR) when i was in collage then I pressed both of my hands on the middle of her chest and began to pump her chest "1,2,3,4,5,6,7 damn it " i cursed then i did the same thing again but it was no use , then I lowered my face towards her and did the last step of (CPR) I attached my mouth to hers and began breathing air in her mouth i did it 3 times , then i lowered my head and a tear escaped my eyes , "how how could i lose you when i just got you Victoria, pls wake up pls i love you pls i'm begging you wake up " I collapsed and started crying, when i heard a cough " ahh ahh k..kris this is the first t..ahh..ime i've seen you cry " she said weakly while chuckling i looked at her and took her to my embrace " and i hope it will be the last time" she said " it was my fault i should've never left you alone i was so wro--" i said sorrowfully when tori cut me off by putting her index finger on my lips " No kris i was wrong it's not your fault i was the one who didn't ask you to come with me" she said then started crying " no no shhh shh it's okay as long as your okay then i'm happy " i said trying to comfort her " come on lets go to the hotel you must be exhausted " i said then took off with Victoria.

After 15 minutes ⏰

We arrived at the hotel , we went in then took the elevator and went in our sweet " how cozy I'm so tired " she said stretching " kris i'm gonna take a shower first okay" she said smiling.

( Victoria's POV ) ✨

Then we went back to the hotel, i just can't believe i almost drowned well technically i did but I didn't die thanks to kris now I cannot repay him for what he did to me this kris is my hero/husband this tall flawless handsome awesome cool adorable hot human being is my husband what I can't even brag about my own husband, then we arrived at the hotel and reached the elevator and to our sweet " how cozy i'm so tired " i said stretching " kris i'm gonna take a shower first okay" i said smiling of-course a slightly fake smile " want me to join you " he said smirking, oh god here comes back pervert kris " n...no " i said shuttering and stormed to the bathroom and slammed the door behind me i was panting my hands on my chest and then I slowly slipped off my clothes and opened the tap to start my looong hot bath after a few minutes i went out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me i looked around and didn't find kris good, so i can wear my clothes without worrying, i went to the closet and took out my undies (AKA: underwear) and a loose shirt tee and leggings, I quickly took off the towel and wore my black laced panties and when i was about to clasp my bra the room door opened to reveal kris, my eyes popped out " AAAHHH KRIS AAHH-- " i started screaming i was cutt off when kris crashed his lips on mine then he broke the kiss and said " I didn't find any other way but this to stop you from screaming " he said smirking " oh and by the way cherry lip balm is definitely my style " he said then went to the bathroom and i just stood there like a log and after a few minutes of loading what just happened i quickly wore my clothes and remembered the kiss i touched my lips blushing then i went to the bed and closed my eyes suddenly i felt the bed jump a bit i just shrugged it off and slept, i woke up in the middle of the night i looked to my right and felt someone lying in bed withe me i roam my hand on this persons face or what i think is to know him/her i put my hands down suddenly i felt something long and stiff through the thin fabric I didn't know what it is maybe it's a hand so I squeeze the long thing a little and i heard a groan I was surprised " shit Aaaahhh stop ding that " the person said I figured it was "KRIS" and what is this thing oh no no it can't be I thought i looked at my hand and i was shocked i was holding his crouch I quickly took away my hand and sat up straight with my eyes wide open like they were going to pop out ay second now, suddenly kris sat up and looked at me straight in the eyes and I instantly blushed i looked at him he was holding his crouch I quickly shifted my eyes to his face I noticed that he had a messy bed hair like he just had sex " stare enough " he said smirking then got closer, i stood up afraid and also excited of what he will do, then he got closer he kept moving forward towards me and i kept moving backwards away from him, then i hit my back on the wall and that stopped me from moving away, then i looked at him his eyes were not full of care and nice they were full of lust and want i looked at him innocently then he put both of his hands on my sides i was trapped in between his muscular arms he came closer and kissed me passionately i was taken aback by his sudden movement but without hesitation i wrapped my arms around his neck, his hands were wrapped around my petite waist he pulled me closer and carried me bridal style without our lips separating then he put me on the bed and looked at me concerned "are you sure" he said worriedly and I nodded actually i was not so sure about this and to be honest i was really scared from what i heard it will hurt a lot at first but then it will be all about pleasure, then he lowered his face and kissed me hardly yet passionately like what they say 'everything starts with a kiss and ends with a kiss' he sucked on my lower lip then fought for dominance then he grabbed my boobs and i gasped then his tongue entered my mouth and explored every inch of it while his hand were slowly lifting my shirt then I stopped him " do you trust me? " he said "yes" i said then he started kissing and nibbling my jawline down to my neck then he nipped on my skin marking me his and that made me moan then his hands roamed my back and unclasped my bra then my bra fell then he slowly moved downwards and stopped when he reached my leggings he took off my leggings along with my panties which left me naked under him then he took off his shirt along with his pants and boxers " tell me if it hurts i'll stop" he said then he slowly moved his hands up my thighs and opened my legs then he let the tip of his d**k in my entry teasing me " ahh pls kris i want you to fuck me hard " i said moaning and begging then he plunged his d**k in me and that mede me scream and grab the sheets becuz of the pain then he gave me a few minutes to adjust to his size then he thrusted in snd out of me " ahh Fuck you're so tight " he said groaning " and you're d**k is so big " i said almost screaming " why thank you " he said proudly then soon the pain was gone and replaced with pleasure it's true that it will hurt at first but soon it will be all about pleasure " ahh fuck I'm gonna...c..u--" i was cut by kris" cum me too " he said then his movement became sloppy and slow then i released inside his and he did too it felt sooo good then I collapsed on his bare chest and me and his slowly drifted in to deep sleep after this amazing experience.

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