The Unfortunate

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You rush down the street, not knowing the time as you near the police station.

You burst through the door nearly falling over. Leg bleeding, clothes ripped, leaves in your hair, and dirt covering your body.

"Detective Walker!" You scream, unintentionally as you burst through the doors

You don't even notice the stares you're receiving from the other people present.

Suddenly several officers run over to you.


"Ara?! Oh my god, are you okay?"

"Her leg! She's been shot; somebody get their car! We've gotta get her to the hospital."

"Where are your parents, Ara?!"

"Everyone move! Out of my way!"

You look up to see Officer Sophie. She's been with the department as long as Walker and Luther. She could help you!

Or so you thought.

"Call Luther! Let him know we found her. Come on Ara, let's go to my car and we'll get you some help."

You nod and lean into her. The pain of everything finally catching up to you.

She guides you out of the building, holding you close and securely. Similar to how your mother would've if she was here.

Suddenly, you miss your mother and her warm hugs. You're mad that you haven't visited her as much. And your father? You regretted arguing with him that morning... however long ago that was.

"You've been missing on file for about a week or more Ara. Where have you been?"

"Long story. But, I'll speak about it when Walker and Luther arrive." You say tiredly as she places you in the backseat of her cruiser.

"Take a rest," she begins, "you've lost a lot of blood—"

"Don't they usually tell people who've lost a lot of blood to stay awake?" You ask in a breathily chuckle

Sophie laughs too as she starts the car to drive.

The ride is quiet and you force yourself to stay awake. You're relieved to have made it to safety. But, you know it's not for long and you still haven't found your parents.

Your pains not over, it's just beginning, and as you give in to the pain your eyes become heavy.

You breathe deeply once before you're out cold.


"Seena!" Walker whisper yells, "I told you to shuffle. Stop picking up your feet!" He finishes

"S—Stop?!" She whisper-yells back, "and how do I do that? Huh? Do I perhaps not lift my feet when I see a load of shit floating towards me? Cause I can't not move when I see that!" She scowls

"Oh lord girl, shut the fuck up," Felix says finally annoyed with her actions

She gasps loudly and slaps his arm.

"We're almost there," Walker says unfazed

Seena huffs before she lowly whines some more.

Walker had them walking through the sewers and for Seena, being the lady that she is, this was not favorable.

She asked Felix to carry her but he was busy protectively taking care of his documents.

Finally, Walker stopped and knocked three times on a wall.

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