It's been two days since Stephanie's death and I couldn't get her out of my mind

I ditched school, it was the last day for seniors anyway, and went over to Gavin's place. I told him I was coming so he left a spare key under the mat. I was just flicking through random Channels because I was tired of hearing about the "Homicide"

I was laying on couch when I heard a knock at the door

I quietly got up and looked in the peep hole

I opened the door

It was Jackie she was crying
"I didn't know where else to look for one was at your house..." She trailing off into tears

I hugged her "I'm so sorry Ava...I'm sorry" she said breaking down

I just hugged her tighter as tears began to run down my cheeks

After a few moments we looked at each other and giggled
"Stephanie would tell us to stop crying and suck it up" Jackie chuckled as she wiped my tears

"Yeah" I said looking at the ground trying not to cry again

"I'm gonna miss her hard headed ass"

I chuckled "Me too...wait how'd you know how to find me?"

"I went through the files and found his address perks of being SGA president"

We sat and talked for hours

I even told her about losing my virginity

Her eyes grew wide "OH MY GOD! You're such a freak"

"Not really but ok"

Then Gavin walked in confused or maybe angry. I couldn't tell the expression on his face

Jackie gave him a smile "hi"

"Oh nice to see you have company" he said

"I was just leaving...bye Ava...nice place"

Gavin gave her rueful grin then dropped it when she left

"So when did we start telling people?" Gavin asked

I shrugged "It's just Jackie"

"Yeah then that turns into the whole student body" he snapped

"She won't tell anyone besides its our last day. I'm officially out of high school"

"Yeah for you not for me" he snapped again "didn't you get into a fight with her...what if it happens again and she tells everyone...don't invite your friends to my place Ava" he spat then went into the room

I looked around the room confused then followed him "I didn't invite her she came on her own"

"Doesn't fucking matter...once word gets out I'm done and I can't be done before I even started" he went into the bathroom and slammed the door

This was the first time I had actually seen him angry like Virginia Beach angry

I heard the shower run so I went back into the living room and quietly watched TV

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