Gavin dropped me home the same day and I felt a little better I'm glad he was there for me...I don't know what I wouldn't done

I got home and my dad was slumped in his wheelchair in the living room, with the same blank expression his face, watching family feud

"Hey daddy" I said

He looked at me "Ava. I was so worried" he said

He looked so tired

"I'm sorry I just needed to get out"

He sighed

I was surprised he wasn't mad at me

He just went back and looked at the TV

I sat next to him " need help"

"Not you too...I'm not crazy" he said

"No one said that you were but for everyone sake for mine, Jessie's, Malik's and even moms sake"

He looked at me unsurely

"I want you to be ok because lately I know you haven't and maybe this could be the right way"

He looked down at his amputated leg
"Ok" he murmured

"Really?" I asked smiling

He looked at me and smiled "Yeah I would do anything to get your mom and the kids back"

I hugged him

I made him some food then I went to my room

I went on my laptop and pulled up old photos of Stephanie, Jackie and me at six flags when we were in the 8th grade we were cheesing so hard and then I saw pictures of us freshman year Jackie took a random picture of Stephanie and I at the food court our favorite spot

Stephanie was wild, crazy, funny, spontaneous and tough but that's why I loved her because she was most of the things I wasn't and even though we were opposites we both accepted each other regardless

Tears began streaming down my face

"Why steph?" I sobbed "Why were you so would still be here"

I cried myself to sleep with my phone in my hand when I heard the doorbell

I raced to it thinking it was my mom and siblings but

It was Marcus and Angela

"Oh hey" I said

"Hey" they both said

"Um we heard about Stephanie" Marcus said

"Yeah we knew she was your best we wanted to give you this" Angela said giving me a basket full of magazines, candy and a sympathy card "I made it myself and I didn't know if you were gonna come to school so"

"Oh you really didn't hav-"

"Ava I know we aren't on the best of terms but you're a good person and so was Stephanie...sometimes. It would be right to give you this"

I took the basket "thank you and everything that you've done for me" I said

Angela hugged me "if it weren't for you I probably wouldn't cherish Marcus as much as I do now. You made me see how important he is to me"

"Yeah same" Marcus said

I smiled about to cry again "Thanks" I whispered

"Be cool" Marcus said

"I'll try" I murmured

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