Chapter 16

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The dead body dragged across the grass like a thousand ton weight would. Peter couldn't move him that far because the man was heavier than his father's body, and the man who broke into the Meyer's Manor's body.

When Peter couldn't go any forward he decided to give up. He called for Sarah. No answer. He screamed her name louder. No answer. Peter began to worry that something had happened to her. He decided to check out the spot where she had disappeared. He ran into the back yard, but it was also empty. Peter began to panic, and pace back and forth. He even stumbled a couple times because he was so worried about Sarah he forgot to put one foot in front of the other.

Peter had paused to take a deep breath. Out of the very corner of his eye, there was blood stains. He followed them drop by drop through the back door of the house. The blood led him back to the front of the house. The blood stains stopped at the end of the driveway. Almost as if the person were a ghost.

Peter had a thought that made his face all hot, and made his hands shake. The car was gone!

"Sarah!" Peter screamed. Where did you go?"

He knew she was gone. He failed once again to protect her.

Peter raged with anger. He stomped back and forth to blow off the steam. It didn't work. Peter stomps halfway across the driveway when he feels something under his foot. He lifts up his foot to find a cracked phone. Sarah's phone.

Peter quickly grabbed the phone off the ground, and wiped off the dirt and rubble. He entered her password. On the screen was a note. Peter filed with happiness. He still had a chance. He had not failed yet.

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