Chapter One - Roxanne and Co.

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Chapter One

Roxanne and co.

   "Bitch!" Someone yelled at me as I walked in to my form room. I looked around for the voice, spotting Luke, sat in the corner among Frank and a bunch of his friends. I sighed. I should have expected it, I mean, I did deserve it, when I thought about it. I walked over to my seat and sat down. I sat at a desk in the back, away from Frank, on my own. I was somewhat of an outcast at times.

   My name is Roxanne Anna-Maria Marietta. I'm seventeen, and in year thirteen. I have a younger sister and live with my mum and dad. I live in a huge house with my own en-suite, and have my own driver. I get everything I want and everything I need. I get good grades and am currently single. Oh, and did I forget to mention that I've had as many boyfriends as the number of years I've been alive? I've had seventeen boyfriends, and broken many of their hearts in one way or another. Now, you see why I don't have many friends at this school. As I've gone through boyfriends, I've also gone through friends. The friends of theirs that I made instantly hated me when I broke up with them. So, yeah, I understood why people didn't want to be friends with me. You know, fair does and all. So, I have seven friends in all, like, proper friends.

   Kimberly is one of my best friends. We both had the same nanny as toddlers, and have been friends ever since. Then there's Cupid. I know, strange... but it really is his name. He set me up with a couple of guys, and he was always my agony aunt after I'd had a tragedy or didn't know what to do about a guy. Joeley is insane. She is just the person you want to go clubbing with. She will go on the dance floor and get most of the club dancing, but she's also great to go and watch a horror film with. Naomi is my karaoke pal. We go karaoke-ing occasionally, dragging everyone else along with us. Iain is our little jock of the group but also has a story of his own. Shane is the guy that I go to for a hug. He's always there and in the mood for a hug, whatever the weather. He also makes the most amazing chocolate chip cookies you've ever tasted. It's like there's a party and Joeley's the main event. Finally, there's Peter, he's our local gay. He's a major shopaholic, and has great taste. So, these are the only people that will never hold a heartbroken guy against me. Half of the time, it's been them that's said 'yeah, he's so not right for you'.

   Now, back to the beginning. At this suckish school, everyone blanks me, apart from the guys that fancy me and my friends. I'm not trying to be vain, but I'm not too bad looking. I have long, milk chocolate waves that hang down to the small of my back with a choppy fringe that sits just above my eye brows. I'm a - smidgely - five foot, and am a size six with short-ish legs that aren't twigs but aren't fat, they are lovely and... well, they fit in my curvy body. I'm a thirty four D, and wear clothes to show off my boobs. Not dramatically, I'm no slag - much - but I do wear clothes to... enhance my boobs, make the best of what I've got. It's just like tall people wearing things to show off their long, skinny legs. I'm just - wait, what's the saying about fruit and making something with it? - well, anyways, I'm just using the melons God gave me.

   After hearing the 'bitch's, 'slag's, 'whore's, and 'cow's that I got throughout school, I sighed and walked outside to the car that was waiting at the curb for me.

   When I got home, I walked in the door and was jumped on, falling backwards, by Izzy, my sister. As I fell to the floor she wrapped her legs around my waist and hugged me tightly. "Owww!" I moaned, attempting to get up with Izzy still glued to me. When I was on my feet, I wrapped one arm around Izzy and said "Hey, Squirt! How was school?"

"It was great! Me and Maizy played kiss chase and I got..." She started to count on her fingers, muttering names under her breath. "Eight! I won!"

"Way to go, Squirt. Anything else?"

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