Chapter Two

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Chad's nomination for an Oscar won the highlight on the post Dimmi read. His latest role as the lead superhero in Guardians was one of his finest performances. Dimmi used to tease him that he'd play a superhero someday. They had role-played a lot in the bedroom, too.

She sat today at the dining room table while the spinning of the fan worked overtime. The sugary sweet drink filled with ice cubes kept Dimmi cool during January. The sun's rays streamed through her window, irradiating the photographs of her twins on the wall. She sighed as she skimmed the article on her laptop.

Dimmi had never picked up a phone to call Luke. She turned away from the limelight and the idea of a famous life. She couldn't raise her babies in the public's eye, and with time Shania White had died.

A tiny squeeze pinched at her gut whenever Chad grabbed the spotlight. Wonderful memories swirled through her thoughts. A part of her still loved him. He was the father of her children, no matter how much he'd hurt her. It felt like yesterday Chad was Dimmi's person whenever in need. How safe she felt in his arms, how much they had laughed in each other's presence, but his feelings were all a facade.

She'd only told Luke about that day she had gone to visit Chad, nobody else. Heck, she didn't want to remind herself what had happened.

Sure, she had the occasional romance, but for some reasons they never lasted. They always mentioned how much she looked like Shania White. Dimmi wondered many times what they would've done if she hadn't laughed it off. She always thanked them for thinking she resembled Shania.

The outside gate screeched on the rails. The twins were home. They were her pride and joy, and the carbon copy of their father.

"Mom, we're home!" Danny stepped into the house.

"I'm right here, you don't have to scream."

She laughed. She had the most beautiful dimples, and her laughter lit up her face, like her dad. "Sorry, I didn't see you." Her oldest, by five minutes, came over and hugged her from behind. Danny opened the laptop. "What are you working on?"

Lizzy hobbled into the house, groaning, holding her stomach.

"Nothing at the moment." She was darn glad she closed the post on Chad's Oscar nomination.

Both girls were tall, skinny, as they loved sports. They were gorgeous with their part Caucasian, part Polynesian complex. They had Chad's green-brown eyes, as well as his dark hair. The twins got nothing from her.

Lizzy threw her bag on the floor by the couch and laid down on the sofa.

"Uh-oh, what is wrong with your sister?"

"The old lady with her red beetle came to visit."

Dimmi laughed. It was how her sister Theo described that time of the month.

The girls did not know Chad was their father. Dimmi couldn't tell them. She didn't want that pain of not being wanted for them. So she told them he had passed away before they were born.

When the curiosity phase about their father started, Dimmi thanked her lucky-behind for Photoshop. She got a random Hawaiian guy on one of those photo stock sites and put the stranger's face on Chad's face. That was years ago.

It would bite her in the ass one day, but she'd lived that life. The press overpowered celebrities with their constant cameras in their faces and lives. Besides, Chad didn't earn the title father in Dimmi's eyes. So why put her girls through that?

"Forgot to tell you, Clifford wants to go to the movies," Danny said as she plopped into the chair next to Dimmi.

"Oh, which one?" Dimmi's heart pounded.

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