Chapter 17

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London 2014

Doreen sat in the taxi ride straight from the airport to the hospital in a nervous mess. The call came in at 2am.

"Mom, are you awake?" Mimi sobbed.
"Mimi! baby its 2 am here in Chicago is everything ok?" Doreen asked sitting up quickly she turned on her table lamp and looked at the clock.

"Mom, its Tara!," she sobbed.

"Mimi, what happened to Tara talk to me hun," she heard Mimi struggling to talk and immediately Andrew was on the phone with her.

"Ms. Doreen, this is Andrew" he spoke quickly trying to calm Mimi down in the background.

"Andrew! what in the world is going on? What happened to Tara? she began to stand and put her robe on.

"Tara suffered an accicdent and she is in a medically  induced coma here at the hospital," Andrew spoke.

"What? what do you mean how did that happen? she began to rub her temple trying to make sense of what he was saying.

"Alright, Andrew listen to me. I am heading on the next flight out, you guys sit tight I will be there." she said quickly hanging up the phone and pulling her luggage from the closet.

Once she was dressed and pulling her luggage off the bed she made another phone call heading out the door.

"Ted its me Doreen, I have bad news." she pulled her luggage out to the hall way.

"Hey Doreen whats wrong, its 2am," he yawned.

"Its one of my girls, they are all on a senior trip and one of them is in the hospital. Im afraid I wont be able to assist the meeting or seminar this week."

"What? well thats terrible, which one of the girls is hurt?"  he asked concern.

"Its Tara she is in a coma, I dont know all the details , im taking the next flight out. Can you tell Shelly to clear my calendar and let Charles know. I will call you to let you know what all is going on," she pulled into an elevator.

"Yea sure I will let them know," he said.


She listened to him call her name and waited for him to talk.

"Have you told Greg?" his voice went silent and waited for her to answer.

Silence was heard over both lines for a brief second.

"No.....I just got the call. Besides he hasn't been in her life since Nancy died.....and I don't see why telling him now will change anything," she said.

She listened as he sighed .

"But, Doreen!.... He is her father," he whispered softly.

"But, no Ted! I won't go over this again, Greg as far as we know is dead to us. He could not have made a better decision to stay out of her life, it saved her suffering. Now I will call you as soon as I land."

"OK... that's fine, I will go ahead and let Charles know and catch a flight back to New York in the evening after the seminar."

" OK ...good talk to you soon," she hung up quickly before flagging down a cab.

Now she sat worried and anxious to get to the hospital. She said a silent prayer that all will be well. Minutes had passed when the taxi driver pulled up outside of the hospital.

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