Ch. 52

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Harmony's p.o.v|

"Good morning lovelies!" Michael greeted us.

I look up to see him naked and I scream loudly. I fall out of Luke's bed and luckily on my butt.

"My eyes! My fragile eyes!" I shouted.

"What the hell?" I could hear Luke groan.

Luke looks up at Mikey.

"Oh god, please go put some clothes on," Luke tells him.

"Sure thing buddy." Mikey walks out of the bedroom.

"Oh Jesus." I get back in bed with Luke.

"Are you alright?" Luke looks at me worried.

"Yeah, I just fell on my ass."

"I could kiss it better," he smirked.

"I bet you would like that." I throw my pillow at him.

"Watch the face!" He says making me laugh.

"Oh do you want me to kiss it better?" I imitate him and giggle.

"I would actually" he said.

"Not gonna happen."

I get out of his bed and walk over to the dresser. I do my hair and get dressed. I could see Luke walk up from behind me. He places his hands on my stomach.

"Our little one will be here soon" he said.

"Yeah." I look into the mirror and continue doing my hair.

"Turn around" he says.

But I just continue to do what I'm doing and I don't listen to him. He places kisses down my neck, distracting me from what I was doing.

"Luke," I say strictly.

"What?" He removes his lips from my skin to talk.

"What are you doing?"

"Creating a distraction" he replied.

"I can tell" I laughed.

He kisses my cheek lightly.

"Let's get you downstairs." Luke picks me up suddenly.

"Oh my god, please put me down!" I giggled.

He carries me down the stairs and I laugh. He sets me down on the tiled floor.

"Luke! Help me up please!" I couldn't stop laughing.

"Nah, I think I'll just leave."

He starts to walk out of the kitchen.

"No, wait!" I yelled.

"What?" He comes back and looks down at me.

"Please," I look up into his bright blue eyes pleadingly.

"Only because you're too cute" he responds.

"Thank you."

He helps me up from the floor.

"Now, where were we?" He pushes me back into the counter.

"What do you mean?" I look up at his tall figure, meeting his gaze.

"You know exactly what I mean." His lips meet mine and I melt into the kiss.

"Oh god please," I hear Ash's voice.

Luke and I pull apart.

"It's nothing you haven't seen, Ash."

"Yeah but I never said it's something I liked to see" Ash replied.

"True" I say.


I was now home.

"It's you birthday tomorrow. Are you excited?" My mom asks me.

"Yeah I am."

"You never told me what you wanted for your birthday" she said.

"I already told you that I don't want anything, mom."

"But I need to get you something" she replied.

"But I don't want or need anything" I said.

I go upstairs to my room. It was close to 6 pm. I hear my phone ring.

Phone conversation:

"Hey Soph."

"Hey!" I could hear her happy voice.

"What's up?"

"I'm sorry that I can't make it to your party tomorrow, but I plan to make it up to you!" Sophia told me.

"It's alright, I understand that you're busy."

"I will be back to LA soon though okay?" She tells me.


"So go and look outside your door" she said.

"Oh okay?" I questioned her.

"See you another time and I'm sorry again" she said.

"Bye Sophia."

End of conversation~

I go back downstairs and open the front door. I instantly scream.

"Oh my god, you bitch!" I screamed.

I run and hug Sophia tightly.

"I can't believe you're here!" I shout in happiness.

"I wouldn't miss your birthday, Harmony."

"I knew that you wouldn't."

"Can I stay here tonight?" She asked.

"Of course you can, Sophia."

We go inside.

"Look who decided to drop by," I tell my mother.

"Oh god, that's why you were screaming. You nearly gave me a heart attack, Harmony."

"Sorry about that" I laughed.

Sophia and I go up to my bedroom. We call it a night.

(The end of this chapter.)

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