pov calum

"excuse me?" I say pausing the game

Michael rolls his eyes and puts the controller down." I said that you are so fucking crazy about her, that you can't get it through yout thick head that she. does. not. care. about. you."

"okaayy, well what am I suppose to do?" I say

"I don't know mate, but you need to realise that if you help her... there is a huge chance you won't get anything out of it. You might have to send her to rehab, okay. You can't just keep her on your couch and think she isn't going to be snorting cocaine in your bathroom" Michael says in a hush whisper

"But she's getting better and she'll have a job and and and I just.  michael please, just help me with this"

"Only because I'm your friend, but if something happens to her it's on you not me. okay? If she ends up with Luke, don't come crying to me" Michael turns back toward the screen and drains the last of his beer "

I unpause the game, but by this point I'm not focused on playing. Michael scores and yells at Luke to come back.

"He's shit at this, Luke you're back on." He yells. there's no answer. "Luke, come fucking back here, I'm not dealing with Ashton and his hatred for fifa"

"I'll go find them" I roll my eyes I go into the kitchem and find them with Ashton around the table.

That's when I hear cass. "No I don't like him like that. We're just friends, yeah he promised to help but it didn't really work out well."

I stand there frozen in the doorway and turn back heading to the living room. "Michael, I'm gonna go to the market... um they're in th kitchen talking" I grab my jacket and drive to the gas station. I buy another pack of beer, but this time I drink them all by myself. I sit in the driver's seat and watch the lights of the cars going by.

My phone lights up

Michael has texted me

R U coming back?

Cass is gonna stay here

Luke wants to know if u can give him a ride since ash is staying

I toss my phone into the seat next to me and pull out. I start driving, I should be fine right? I generally have a hight tolerance for alcohol. I mean c'mon cal. stay up... just a couple more streets. Just turn before the bridge. 

SHit, my eyes are closing. I open my eyes to see the flashing lights.


A/N quick update. what do you think is gonna happen. Put your guesses below and if any of you guys are right(..or guess) I'll make you into a minor character in the story! Please tell me your thoughts. :)

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