Chapter 2

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I'm changing her backpack to a gym bag because it's much bigger and I'm just too lazy to rewrite the last chapter and put a gym bag instead of a backpack.

I woke the next morning still excited to go to Nevada. I started looking for my gym bag when Emily comes into my room and tosses the gym bag st the foot of my bed.

"What are you planning? I know you don't need a flashlights, rope, and a tent just to go to Nevada. I also know you and I know you always have something up your sleeve." She says, staring at me intently.

"I'll tell you on the plane, but not now. Okay?" I say getting out of bed. She smirks and goes back to her room. I shower real quick and change into my outfit of the day.

Which is a black crop top tanky, camouflage cargoes, a light colored denim jacket, and some red vans. I straighten my hair and and put on my Miami Heat cap on.

It's almost noon. I have just enough time to say my final goodbyes to my friends here and eat of course before we leave. I take my skateboard out of my bag and go to the kitchen to eat some left over pasta from last night.

When I finish I ride to Melissa's and I just hang out with her until my mom calls telling me it's time to leave. I get up and hug her goodbye and head for my house.

"Sweetie, are you ready?" Mom says grabbing her keys and I nod. Behind her is Emily with two suitcases.

"You do know we're just going for like five days right?" I say, and Emily rolls her eyes at me. I go to my room and put my board in my gym bag and get into the car.

We finally get to the airport. Emily and I board the train. We put on our seat belts and when the airplane takes flight she starts asking questions.

"What are you planning?"

"Remember two years ago when me and a couple of friends went on a crazy adventure?"

"Yeah? Is this what going to Nevada is about to you?"

"Yeah, I mean it's something really important to us. You wouldn't understand."

"Try me."

"Echo might be back and in trouble. I got a map from him. The others and I are going to follow it. We'll be gone longer than a day and I need your help since you seem like you want to help me."

"The maps that popped up in your friends phone has happened again and it's for the same reason? If so, I will help you. What do you need helping with?"

"Yes it's happening again and all I need for you to do is lie to mom and dad about my whereabouts. I might need you to also to distract Tuck and Emma's parents. If there is anything else I'll tell you, okay?"

Emily nodded. I pulled out my phone and started texting Tuck to see if his parents were home. I need to know so I can know what Emily could say to them.

Where are your parents?

They went to a convention in New York.

Your brother?

He's still here. Why?

I'll tell you when I make it to Nevada.

I end that text and start texting Emma.

Where are your parents?

They went on a cruise. I begged them to let me stay when I got your call.

That's great! I'll see you when I get in town.

"All you have to worry about is Marcus. Just do whatever you can so he won't call his parents that Tuck is missing." I say, Emily nods.

After awhile our airplane lands and we call a cab. We ride to our old neighborhood. I see whoever is in our house is there right now. We stop in front of Tuck's house and Emily stays in the cab.

I walk up to Tuck's door and knock. I wait for a couple a seconds until Tuck answers the door. He's grown taller that's a fact. He looks me up and down before saying, "Man you've grown quite well, Aurora."

"You're such a skeez! Where's your brother and is he up to partying for th whole weekend straight with Emily?" I say, rolling my eyes.

"Uhh...let me go check." Tuck then leaves and comes back with his brother who jumps in the cab. Before the cab leaves I grab my gym bag.

As I walk into the house I see Emma, Munch, and Alex here already. I just smile and I'm about to get into a conversation with them when I see the people who live at my old house leaving. I turn to look at the others and I see Alex just staring at me.

Alex has grown. He's definitely taller. He's hotter...wait-what!? I have a boyfriend you can't think of Alex that way. I turn my attention away and focus on what I was about to do.

"I need to go real quick. I forgot something back at the house." I say, walking out the door.

"What do you mean?" I hear Emma say.

I ignore her and walk to my house with my gym bag. I jump over the fence and start looking for an open window.


I climb through the window and go towards what used to be my parents room. I go into my mom's old closet and start feeling the wall. Then I feel the little bump that has always been there. I tear off some of the old wallpaper and see the safe. I dial in the passcode and it opens.

"I can't believe she actually left all this stuff in here!"

My mom left money, a gun, a couple daggers, and a lot of bullets. She must have forgot about this thing then if it's all still here. I put the stuff in my gym bag, closed the safe and get out of the house. I walk back to Tuck's house.

"Did you just break into your old house?" Munch says, overreacting.

"What if I did?" I shrug.

"That's a felony!"

"Whatever you stole, was it important?" Alex asks.

"You tell me." I pull out the gun, the money, the daggers, and the bullets. Everyone seems to have a shocked expression on their faces at what I did.

"Are you serious? You stole the worst things you could possibly take! How on earth did you know where that stuff was!?" Emma says next.

"First off I didn't steal this. I just took it back. It was my families after all. Second it was in a safe my mom had left it in years ago. I'm actually surprised all that stuff stayed in there."

I grab the stuff and put it back in my bag.

"Why do you need this stuff?" Tuck ask.

"Extra precautions." I simply say and continue, "I think we should head on out now. I have a tent and some flashlights. Here is the map. I'm leaving now with or without ya'll. Are you guys in?"

"I'm in." Alex says right of the back.

"I am too." Tuck says.

"Okay, it'll be fun." Emma says.

"...Alright, I'm in." Munch says.

The gang is back. It'll be like we're thirteen again going on an adventure to save a little alien. Only this time it's longer. This will be so much fun.

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