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Harry, About 3 Weeks Later

It has been almost a month since Juliet and I had actually gotten back together. Twitter has been freaking out and I'm sure everyone in the world has too, but... we couldn't be happier.

Louis' birthday was coming up quick, but I think he was planning something with Eleanor mainly.

Today I was off doing some Christmas shopping with Niall, trying to find something or thigns I could get for Juliet. She had told me a million times she didn't need or want anything, but.... It's Christmas. I'm obviously going to get something for my girlfriend for Christmas. Niall and I were walking around the mall, and I thought a new piece of jewelry. Maybe updating the necklace I had gotten for her. I had noticed she had been wearing the old one since she and Taylor ended their engagement.

Niall and I looked around around for a few minutes, until I saw something I thought she would love.

"Oi, Niall. Look at this."

"What is it?"

I was looking at a large pendant, probably the size of my pinky finger, of a key. It was set in a sterling silver, black diamonds making the image. I figured I could attach an H to it, making it a little more personal.

And that's exactly what I did. Niall did the (almost) same thing for Ella, except instead of a key, it was an actual heart, with the letter N attached.

I had also contacted Apple and asked about their phone cases. I sent in  a picture of Juliet and I, and they would be making two custom cases for our phones. I'm hoping it's a good idea.

Juliet, The Next Day

"Harry?" I called to him.


"Are you and the guys going out today?"

"Uhm, no. Why, what's up?"

"The girls and I were going to go shopping, and I was wondering if you guys would be able to keep the kids."

"Yeah, we can do that."

"Perfect." I smiled, walking into the living room. I sat down on the couch next to him and he put his arm around me. "We'll be leaving after lunch, so about...2 hours. Then depending on when we get back, the kids might need to be fed and put to bed without me. I think they'll be okay though."

"Hey, quit worrying about it. The kids love all of us. We'll be fine." Harry said, kissing my temple. "you worry too much."

"They are my kids. Well Sarah is my cousin. But...whatever, you get what I'm saying."

"I know, but they will be fine without you for a little bit."

"Okay, okay." I said laughing. "I've gotta make lunch. Any ideas?"

"Uhm.. mum is working today, so we could order in somewhere. Or make sandwiches.

I thought for a second. "Everyone like chinese?"

Harry smiled, and said yes. He called in to a good chinese place he knew and remembered. After about an hour, it was delivered to the house. We all ate together, and then the girls and I headed out.

"So what do think you'll get for Harry for Christmas?" Ella asked. Dani, El and Perrie were off to another store, so we all split into two groups.

"Well... I was thinking about...maybe. Getting him a new necklace. Y'know? Like this one." I pointed to the necklace Harry had gotten me about 2 or so years ago.

"Hm. That's actually a really good idea. I was thinking about getting something like that for Niall."

"Well. You're Irish, too. You could get a four leaf clover with 'E' on it and give it to him."

"Jewels, that's brilliant.' she smiled. 

I smiled back at her and then we found a small jewelry store. Ella decided to go with the idea I had given her, and I decided to get the same thing for Harry, but mine would come with 'J'.

My phone went off with a text...from Dani.

You guys done yet? :p

We all set up a quick meeting place, and decided we had everything we needed and headed home. We were on one of the main roads, but it seemed to be taking forever.

"Oh come on. We're never going to make it back in time for dinner." El complained.

"Seriously. What is going on up there?" I said.

Ella shrugged her shoulders and turned on the radio. It was news broadcast, but no one really cared to change it. But something seemed to catch my attention.

The highway we were on, they were broadcasting the accident.

"The people inside these two vehicles are none other than popular boyband, One Direction. Now these kids have been bombarded with hard times these past few years..."

I was driving, and found a spot to merge into the next lane, that was actually moving. As we got to where we could see the accident, I pulled off to the side. The five of us girls ran out, all he way to the line that the police had set up. I bent under it and ran tothe vehicle where the kids were getting pulled out. As soon as the police had noticed me, they tried to rush me out, but then realized I was a family member.

Sarah, Jr., Darcy and Xavier were fine, just scared. As soon as I took the four over to the girls, I looked to see where the boys were. I could see dark hair on the stretcher, so it wasn't Niall. It was straight, so it wasn't Harry.

"Jewels!" I turned every which way and saw my brother coming to me.

"Niall! What's going on? What happened?"

"Big load turned to sharply and fell on the vehicles, rolling us a few times."

"Okay. The kids are fine and so are you and Harry...So..who's going to the hospital?"

"Well all of us, to get checked out, but...The one on that stretcherr--"

I took note of Lou and Zayn on at the abck of an ambulance, getting some cuts looked at..


"Liam's on that stretcher, isn't he." I said.

"Yeah. He got hit the worst. He's out, and losing a lot of blood."

I was quiet for a few seconds.

"What am I going to tell Dani?"

"He'll be fine... I think. I mean, come on. In the group, no one's dying anytime soon. We've proved that already."

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