Space Vigilante

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Genre/Sub-Genre: Science Fiction

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Status: Completed

Written ByWuckster

Tag Used: novella, onc2021, opennovellacontest2021, science-fantasy, scifi space, spaceships, vigilante


Lenny Legend works for the Intergalactic Government's Anti-Vigilante Agency. He's the best in the business, but he may have bitten off more than he could chew when he gets mixed up with the notorious and certifiably insane Captain Marmalade and his crew of misfits.

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Cover Copy:

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Leonard Mungle aka Lenny Legend, member of the Intergalactic Government's Anti-Vigilante Agency, is supposed to infiltrate the legendary Garth Wendell Sorensen's team of vigilantes. Of course, despite a special set of skills uploaded to Lenny's brain especially for this job, nothing goes to plan. Sorensen, who insists on being called Captain Marmelade and claims to be a time traveler, hires Lenny after he proves his suitability by blowing up a bingo parlour. Fleeing from the police in the dumpster of a garbage truck, they are rescued by Captain Marmalade's ship, the Flying Fist of Righteousness. But Lenny's troubles have only just begun. The big mission of the Vigilante Team led by Captain Marmalade is to kill the president of the intergalactic government.

Told from Legends perspective, the author gives us a wild and twisted space adventure. His world building is creative, his characters are quirky, and the story has several twists. The characters surprise us by being full of crazy and creative ideas and don't shy away from doing the unthinkable.

If you're looking for a funny and fast paced science fiction read, this story is a must.

Reviewer: Sukmasih_


Is science fiction your go-to genre?

Not exactly. I've always been fascinated by space and I have definitely written a lot of stories with sci-fi settings (or at least sci-fi elements), but really I seem to be drawn to escaping the everyday mundane realities of life on Earth as we know it. This can take the form of aliens and spaceships, but I'm also known to write about ogres, elves, or talking chickens. Anything fantastical and out of the ordinary is interesting to me.

Where did you get your idea for this story?

Many, many years ago I had a vague image in my mind of a crew trying to infiltrate a spaceship by posing as a dance troupe. I never did anything with it. Never plotted out a story, never fleshed out the characters, never came up with who these people were or why they were doing this. It was just sort of this weird idea that I mostly forgot about, but I guess it's been kind of circulating in the back of my mind. I was reading the prompts for ONC and I only got as far as #6, which was about being part of an anti-vigilante agency but having everything changed one day by a group of vigilantes. Suddenly my weird idea came back to me and I realized maybe this is why these people are disguising themselves to sneak aboard a spaceship. They're on some sort of mission for vigilante justice. Because of the prompt, I knew the protagonist had to be a member of an anti-vigilante government agency and that's how Lenny Legend entered the picture. I also knew whoever the leader of the vigilante group was had to be a bit of a strange individual to come up with a plan like that. This was reinforced by the prompt because it basically stated this was no ordinary vigilante group. From here Captain Marmalade took form. Once I had the two main characters and the basic premise in place, the ideas just started to flow quickly and the story revealed itself to me pretty easily.

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