The Breakup

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I was walking down the familiar halls of California High School. Senior year. I'm going to miss this place, but I gotta enjoy it while it lasts. "Yo, Hawk! Over here!" Shouted the way too familiar voice, Adam. I approached him and his stuck up girlfriend, Tonya. "What's been happening?" I beamed, giving Adam the usual fist bump. Tonya smiled at me, her light brown eyes battering against her fair skin. Today her hair was a long brown cascade of curls. "Oh, you know the usual. We've been hanging out at Starbucks and gawking at guys in magazine," this earned a funny look from Adam, "What do you think we were doing? Crashing parties, the usual." Tonya joked, lightly pushing me. "I heard that tomorrow Maggie is having a party down at the beach." I said looking over to Adam. "That's what I heard, do you plan on going?" He replied cutting a glance towards Tonya, who was staring at me. Adam rolled his dark blue eyes, sighed, and ran his hand through his black hair. I laughed and told them that I promised Erica that I'd talk to her before first period. They waved goodbye and I was off.

I walked up behind Erica who was in deep conversation with her "bestie", Miranda. I put my arm around Erica, earning a squeal of shock from her.

"Cameron! Stop it." She laughed looking up at me. She has light blue eyes, short dark brown hair, a slim face, an hour glass shape, a nice rack, and a bubble butt. It can't get better than that. Erica and I have been dating for about 5 months. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself." I joked, looking over to Miranda standing there in her way too tight skinny jeans, bright pink V-neck shirt, and white converses. She had big brown eyes and short brown hair. "OMG! Cameron, stop! We were talking about something important!" Miranda whined, putting her free hand on her hip. "Like what?" I asked, raising a dark eyebrow. "Just, stuff..." she mumbled, looking at the ground after cutting Erica a sideways glance. "Hey babe, maybe you should just go." Erica said turning towards me. "What about the talk you wanted to have?" I asked taking a step back, examining her. "We'll talk at lunch, mkay?" She said, closing her locker and walking down the hallway with Miranda at her side. I sighed and walked to first period.

After four periods passed by, it was time for lunch. I was walking from 4th period to the cafeteria when I felt a pull on my arm. I looked over to see a girl average height, promising hazel eyes, long brown hair about mid-back length, and a perfect figure. "Can I help you?" I asked politely, after I turned to face her. "Sorry to bother you but, I'm new here and I have no idea where to go." She said, looking down the hall. "Didn't you get a schedule?" I asked, crossing my arms. "Yeah, but some girls tore it up when I asked them where a class was." She said ashamed, looking down at the floor. "You know what, never mind. I don't feel like being punched in the throat..." she started to walk away. I gently grabbed her arm; she turned to face me. "We go to lunch this period." I said, reluctantly letting go of her perfectly tanned forearm. "Just follow me." I continued, gestering for her to follow.

We walked into the cafeteria. Voices and laughter filled our ears. Erica walked up to me and glanced at the new girl, who's name turned out to be Chloe, and grunted of disgust. "Who is she?" Erica asked, with a noticeable hint of jealousy. "She's the new girl, I was just helping her out. Be nice." I softly growled at Erica. She sighed in anger and pulled me to the side. "Okay, so what I wanted to talk about was..." She took a long pause, "Cameron...I'm breaking up with you...this relationship isn't working out for me. I'm really sorry. I still love you. But it's not how I want it to be. It's just, your...not enough." She said, breaking my heart and insulting me in one sentence.

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