Chapter 1

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Thinking that you can just pack up everything and move away from your problems forever is wishful thinking. But that wasn't going to stop me from trying.

Chapter One

"Maggie! Are you almost done?" My mom yells from downstairs. I don't reply as I look around my now empty room. Memories of my best friend Lacey and I hanging out in here flood through my head. I push back the pain in my chest, and take a deep settling breath. This is going to be harder then I thought.

Grabbing the last bag that is sitting on the floor, I walk out and slowly close the door behind me. I try memorizing the house as I make my way down the stairs. My mom sighs when she sees me. "You ready? Nick and dad are waiting in the car already." I nod, and don't say anything in response. I don't Feel like being talkative today. Hopping into the car, next to my older brother Nick, I take one last look at the place I have lived at for my whole life. Until now.

My parents think that moving me away from this town will help in my recovery. They say that it just brings back too many memories, and that we just need to get out of here. I disagree. All the memories remind me of them. If I stay here I will never forget my friends. Too bad my parents think otherwise. Part of me is ready to move on, but most of me is afraid to forget. That's why my mood is so sour today.

So now, here we are traveling to the other half of the country. We're moving to the cold, boring state of Wisconsin and leaving behind the warm state of Florida. I know crazy, right? Who in their right mind would move to Wisconsin? But we have relatives that live there. I don't want to move so far away. I would have been perfectly fine if we just moved to another town, and started over. That way I could eventually go back to visit my old town every now and again.

"Hey Mags how you feeling today?" My sweet, older brother Nick asks. Nick is 19 and should be heading off to college, but after the shooting happened he decided to stay with me. I love my older brother. I think he has helped me the most through all of this. He has had to mature and grow up a lot though, which I feel slightly guilty for.

"Okay," I shrug at his question, and continue looking out the window as the trees pass by in a blur of colors. Nick sighs at my short reply. I look over at him feeling sad and wish I would have said more. This whole ordeal has probably been the hardest on Nick. My sadness is breaking him inside and I know it. I can tell he has been stressing out heavily about today already, because his dark brown almost black hair is messy atop his head. His normally bright hazel eyes have taken on a dark hue, and they have bags underneath from the lack of sleep he has been getting.

My family and I all look very similar. We all have the same mahogany colored hair, although mine seems to be the lightest. All of us also have the same light toned skin and chocolate brown eyes, well except for Nick. He's the odd one with the hazel eyes, but my Mom always says that he must get them from her side of the family.

Snapping out of my thoughts I notice my mom has turned around from the passenger seat to give me a soft smile. She's trying to make me feel better, but it doesn't help. Parts of me just want to start kicking and screaming like a three year old, in hopes I can guilt my parents in to staying. It's obvious I would feel horrible afterward though, so that idea can be flung out the door.

Closing my eyes, I lean my head against the window and watch my town disappear.

The flight to Wisconsin comes and goes incredibly fast. Before I know it we are all cooped up in a taxi and driving to our new house, with our Aunt Carrie waiting for us there. I haven't seen my aunt in forever and barely remember what she even looks like.

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