Chapter | 7

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A young pale ghost finally joins his two friends in the giant tree that overlooks the Shinji Estate. The tree was so huge, three tall men was able to stand on its branches without issue.

"I won the bet," Mahiro announces with a enthusiastic smile, even though his tone was gentle. The other two were unfazed while watching over the estate.

"I'll pay you later," Adan says while sharpening the steel dagger in his hands. They made a bet on who would get killed next; Adan thinks it's in Asia, Kelvin says it's gonna be in America, while Mahiro said it'll be in Europe. "So, who is it this time."

"Yay, I was right! It's Russian and French Vampire Diplomats," Mahiro lightheartedly says, "Dead as hell. Missing children. They're moving fast; faster than the virus. She herself was in Russia."

"That means she's on her way to Germany," Kelvin comments while holding onto his cotton candy flavored lollipop. "She's about to take y'all's Princess."

Kelvin is referring to the Prince of Ghosts, because of the fact that the other two belong in that species. Mahiro polishes his hand gun, nonchalantly installing the silencer.

"Well," Adan hums, the steel dagger in his hands beginning to levitate and flip in between his fingers, liquifying and merging into his palm to join the tattoo. "I doubt that. Mahiro, the gate..."

Mahiro smiles as he shoots the silenced gun at a stray dog near the gates of the Shinji Estate. "Hi, hi."

Adan sighs, "She's coming to Japan. This dog is a scout, and scouting means she'll be the one to take the Prince herself. If she isn't coming, then they would've ambushed with an army by now."

They hop down to inspect the dead canine, who then shifts into a naked man. Kelvin summons the waters from the stream to cover the corpse and even invade his mouth where his lungs and intestines get filled with water. Kelvin closes his fist and freezes the man's entire body, before shattering the corpse into a mist of snowflakes. Kelvin takes another lollipop in his mouth.

After eliminating the spy, Mahiro pouts at them, "Ne, it's unfair how you two can be alone with Shen-chan, I want a cute moment with him too!"

"You'll molest him."

"Hey, it's not molestation if he wants it too! We almost kissed on the first day but Adan cut us off," Mahiro whines, putting his hands on his nape for a stretch. "Besides, I met him first!"

"We're here on a mission, Mahiro, calm your teen hormones," a dead serious Adan sighs, focused on tracking the scent of this spy on where he came from. There might be more of them.

Meanwhile, Kelvin just offers a gumball to a pouting Mahiro. He's the youngest at 18 years old, meanwhile Kelvin is 22, and Adan is 24. Sometimes Adan feels like he's babysitting the two.

the next afternoon,

Shen gasps in excitement upon seeing a gorgeous sunset that lightens up the swimming pool, located in the rooftop of Adan and Kelvin's hotel room. They decided to take a rest from going to tourist attractions and relax in a swimming pool. Shen is only wearing beach shorts and a hoodied jacket. He has recently rinsed his slightly loosened braids with tap water to get it wet as preparation.

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