Chapter 6

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Another week past, and finally, Link killed the curse of the Deku Tree. We walked out of the Deku Tree with our heads held high.

"We have finished the task." I announced proudly, my face beaming. Then, my face dropped. I suddenly remebered, the thing.

"Yes, thou has shown great courage and wisdom." The Deku Tree said in a weak, yet booming, voice.

"Thank you." Link said happily. Well, that was a first.

"Though thou has defeated evil that rested inside me, thee will face more evil. Worse than what thou has seen in me." The Deku Tree said. The Deku Tree groaned, and said, "Before I go, let me tell you a tale..." The Deku Tree explained the story of the three goddess and all. After that, he said, "I hope you will understand the fate of me." The Deku Tree said.

"What does he mean? What's going on?" Link whispered to me.

I sighed. "The Deku Tree is going to die. Even though you killed the curse. Both ways, The Deku Tree would die So, the Deku Tree's fate was to die, even if the curse inside him was killed." I explained.

"Anger flashed across Link's face. "You made me risk my neck for you, even though you're just going to die?" Link screamed at the Deku Tree. I swear, this guy has anger issues.

"What does thou mean?" The Deku Tree asked quizically.

"You were just going to die, and you didn't even care if I died trying to save you." Link snapped.

"No, he was testing your courage, and your wisdom." I tried to explain.

"Shut up Navi!" Link spat at me.

"Now Link, there is no need to be angry." The Deku Tree said.

"I thought that you were a good guy!" Link screamed at the Deku Tree. I saw that tears were swimming in Link's eyes.

The Deku Tree was about to say something, when the beautiful brown color on the Deku Tree's bark, slowly faded to grey. An ugly grey, and I knew what that ment. The Deku Tree died in front of my eyes. I just saw the day I dreaded.

"AAAAUUUUGGGHHHH!" Link's screaming, snapped me out of my thoughts. Link threw his Kokeri Sword on the ground. "I hate you!" Link screamed into nothing. Link looked at me and then put all of his equipment on the ground. Everything he had carryed, was on the floor (except for the clothing). Link simply walked away, and I knew what that had ment. Link had just quit. Link, the Hero of Time, just quit being a hero.


I stared blankly at the items that were laying on the ground. Tears were trickling down my face.

"Are you Link's Fairy?" A perky voice rang. Ooh, I might not like her. I hate perky people. Escpecially at sad times like this.

"Yes, I am." I said.

"Not to be rude, but what happend. Link was very angry." The girl said, in a still perky voice. If my arms were longer, they would be smacking the perkyness out of her voice.

"Nothing." I snapped.

"Well something happend. I know it did. I heard lots of yelling." The girl said, all matter-of-factly.

"And who are you?" I snapped. This girl was really getting on my nerves.

"Saria." The girl said proudly.

I began laughing. Saria? Was she for real? Who's name is Saria? it sounds like some plant or some berry.

"What's so funny?" Saria snapped.

"Are you seirous? Your name is Saria?" I laughed.

"Yes." Saira protested,. "There isn't anything wrong with that!"

I finally cooled down my laughter. "Sorry, sorry." I laughed.

"So, are you going to tell me what's wrong with Link or what?" Saria snapped.

I sighed. Should I tell her? I mean, it is kinda personal. "It's nothing." I lied.

Saria finally noticed all the equipment on the floor. "Oh yeah?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

I groaned. "It's nothing. Now go before I have the Deku Tree banish you!" I snapped.

"You wouldn't." Saria gasped.

"He's sleeping right there, and I can wake him and tell him that Saria is bugging his most trusted fairy." I lied.

Saria's eyes got big, and she ran away. I sighed. Good. The last thing I needed was some little Kokeri Child telling everyone about what happend today. Now, it's time to get Link.


I quickly flew to Link's house. I slipped through the window.

"Link!" I called.

"Go away." Link said. He was clearly crying. You could hear it in his voice.

"Link, everything's going to be okay." I said soothinly.

"No it's not. My whole life I thought the Deku Tree was some amazing thing, but he really is a monster." Link sobbed.

"No he's not. He was testing your courage, wisdom, and dedication. He wanted to know that you had the courage to fight all the beast in there, he wanted to know that you had the knowledge of what to do, and he wanted to know that you would dedicate yourself to save others, and Link, you proved that to him. You showed him that you really are a hero." I said honestly.

Link looked up at me. Tears smudged the dirt on his face. "You really mean it?" Link whimpered.

"I really do." I said firmly. "Now let's get you suited up, and meet Princess Zelda." I announced.

"Princess Zelda?" Link cried. I chuckled and raced back to Link's items, with Link closely chasing after me.

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