The Moon God

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Hey Bloomers!!! I know, I know, I know... I have no excuse for myself. I wanted the chapter to be perfect and not just write random stuff, just to have something for you to read. Next chapter, will be coming soon. I promise!!! 

“My mother?” I questioned shocked that he had known my mother. What had he done to her? He didn’t even look old enough to know her well.

“Yes, she would have been mine!” He screamed in my face then backed away. He paced a moment before continuing. This man was fucking insane. “Your father just had to step in and be the savior. Lydia was supposed to be mine! We would have become the most powerful werewolves ever if she hadn’t fallen in love with your father!” How could he have been the alpha my parents told me about? I knew that my mom hadn’t mated her pack’s Alpha, but he was around my age.

He turned towards me still naked. “Can you please put something on?” I asked trying to avoid looking below his waist. He stared at me for a moment, but then he suddenly looked around the area as if he heard something. “What’s going on?” I asked as calmly as possible because I didn’t want to upset him again, but he just continued to ignore me.

Instead he stalked over to me causing me to scoot away on my back, as best as I could. Annoyed at my actions, he swiftly picked me up off the ground and threw me over his shoulder. He then raced back to the cabin. Can men just stop throwing me over their shoulders as if I am a sack of potatoes?  Once we reached the cabin he tied me to the bed post with expert speed, then left without speaking to me. “Hello! … Hello! … You can’t just leave me here forever!” I yelled as I tried to pull against my restraints.

After about ten minutes of screaming, he came in looking relax with just a pair of jeans as if he just showered. “Did you just shower?” I ask exasperated that he left me tied up as if it was nothing.

“I needed to wash all the dirt off.” He said carelessly as he took the towel and ran it through his hair.

“Really! Is it normal for you to kidnap and tie up women?” I said exasperated that he was acting this way.

“I’m glad you understand.” He laughed which only caused me to roll my eyes. “I bet you have a lot of questions?” He stated with a wicked grin as he towered over me.

“Yeah I do. First was the whole tying me up to the bed necessary? Unlike most women I am not into that whole Fifty Shades of Grey crap.” I said with an exaggerated smile as I was pulling against my restraints.

“I don’t want you to escape. So yes this was necessary.” He answered with a stern face as he pushed me back down against the bed.  

“Ugh…What’s your name and age?” The question just popped out. I mean he did want to answer my questions and he was kidnapping me. I had the right to know.

“My name is Damion and I’m a hundred and five.” He answered bluntly. I looked at his face deeply to see if he was lying, but found no indicators. I opened my mouth to say how, but he read my mind. “How? I am a rare breed of werewolves that live for five hundred years or more called the Bás A Fháil.”

“The Immortals.” I whispered causing him to nod. He was so pulling my strings, I had only heard of the immortals during bedtime stories.

“We are the direct decedents of the moon goddess and moon god.” He started to tell his story before I interrupted him.

“There is no moon god.” I told him defiantly. In our books there is no mention of a moon god only the goddess.

“Yes there is, my little one.” He whispered as he caressed my face. In disgust of his touch; I backed my face away as far as I could. “Let me tell you the story. The moon goddess, Selene, was the epiphany of beauty with her white blonde hair and glowing skin, but she had a hidden secret. She was in love with a human man, Callan, which was against the entire system she was raised in. Selene was betrothed to the sun god, Adoh, who was the mightiest among the gods, but at night she would sneak to the earth to meet Callan in the woods. Selene knowing that she couldn’t be with Callan, decided to give him her most precious gift, her virginity, on their last night together. Selene early in the morning left Callan to go marry Adoh. Adoh and Selene were married as ordered, but Adoh suspected a secret.

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