The mistake

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Hannah's pov

Oh sorry just tell him im sorry for ever caring

I was so upset. This whole thing had me thinking. How long has this been going on? It didn't matter to me anymore. I decided to call Bekah and Summer and tell them to come over. I put us in a group chat.

B: hey was happening

S: need something

H: yeah can you guys come over

B: did something happen

S: ya okay

H: yeah im fine just come over please i will explain later.

S: alright be there soon

B: see ya in 5

I got some doritos and put it in a bowl. Then I got some coke and put it on the table. I began to eat the doritos as I waited for them to get here. A few minutes later I heard the bell ring.

"Come in!" I screamed.

"How the doors locked?" Bekah screamed back.

"Ugh." I got up and opened the door and let them in.

"So what happened?" Bekah asked.

"Read the messages from Louis." I said standing in the doorway.

"O my gosh." Summer muttered under her breath as they finished the messages.

"So that explains where he has been for the past week." Bekah said.

"Week!?" I asked shocked. I walked over and sat down on the couch. "Why me?" I put my hand in my hands and mumbled.

Bekah's pov

So I honestly had no clue this was happening. If I did I would proably have did something. But that proably would have resulted in some one in the hospital.....

"Oh Han." Summer said sitting next to Hannah." It's ok. Wanna watch Toy Story?"

"Toy Story dosen't fix everything." Hannah said looking up with a tear stained face.

"Well." I spoke." How bout we pay him a vist."

"I don't OH." Summer said understanding.

"Hannah you text Louis back and ask him where he is." I said passing her the phone.

"Alright." She said.

Hannah's pov

No clue whats going on right now but I texted Louis anyways.

Where are you.

A few minutes later my phone dinged with a reply.

My room ;)

I decided it would be best not to text back.

"He says he is in his room." I said looking up.

"Alright let's go." Summer said pulling me up.

As we got to Bekah's house I suddenly got nervous. I mean here I was at my now ex-boyfriends house the one that I had grown to love. I began to fidget with my fingers and look down.

"Come on Hannah." Bekah said grabbing me and pulling me out of the car.

"Fine fine." I said. We walked in and went straight upstairs. Sure enough as soon as the door flew open there laid Louis on his bed. Not only that but he was making-out with some random chick. As they pulled apart I realized that was no stranger to us. It was Alison. The girl that has hooked up with every guy in town.

"H-hannah hi." Louis stuttered.

"Save it Tomlinson." I spat.

"Yeah we know about your little thing." Bekah gestured between him and Alison.

"Your sick you know that." Summer spat." Who does that?"

"Yeah if your not happy then leave." I spoke.

"In my opion I think he should have left you a long time ago." Alison spoke up.

"Well no one asked for your opion." I said.

"Hey don't talk to her like that." Louis said.

"You can't tell me what to do. Who do you think you are?" I asked.

"Your boyfriend." He said. Yup that hurt.

"Ex." I corrected. "As in you lost my trust and me."

I walked out of the room with Summer hot on my trail." Night Bekah." I screamed back to her.

"Night." She screamed from the top of the steps.

"Wow." Summer said as we got in the car." Never thought you would do that."

"Yeah well he made me mad." I mumbled.

"Night." Summer said as we got to my house.

"Night." I said as I climbed out of the car. I walked inside and chamged into some shorts and a tank-top then i climbed into bed.

Not the end of the chapter keep reading!!!! :)

I woke up the next morning to my phone ringing. Ugh!

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey you still coming to my pool party?" Summer asked

"I thought that was at 1:30?" I questioned.

"Yeah it's already 12:30." She said.

"Oh shoot." I hung up and rushed over to the shower. After that I got out and changed into a lime green zebra striped bikini. Then I put a pair of blue jean shorts and a tank topvover that. Then I headed out since Niall was already there. As soon as I got there Zayn told me Summer was in her room. So I walked upstairs.

"Hey." I said. Summer stood there in a neon orange/pink bikini.

"Need to change?" Summer asked.

"No just need to take this off." I gestured to my outfit. "Wheres Bekah."

"Work." Summer replied. I stepped in the bathroom and took off my shorts and shirt and walked back in her room

"C'mon." She said.

Couple hours later.

I climbed out and went to the bathroom. Then when I came back out Liam stood in the kitchen.

"Hey." He said as he seen me.

"Hey." I said stepping closer." Watcha doing."

"Um I came for a glass of water." He said stepping closer. Then I made the worst mistake. I looked into his eyes. It's like time froze. I got lost in his eyes. No this can't happen. Then he did something unexpected. He leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips. I put my hands around his neck and his went to my waist.

"WHATS GOING ON IN HERE!?" A voice spoke from behind us. Then we both turned to see everyone there watching us. Even Louis....

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