IV: Darkest Despair

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The living room was completely dark when he entered his house in nest Huis. He took out the black hooded cloak he usually wore when visiting the All-Father and left it on the metallic hanger by the entrance. He left himself fall on his leather cushion by the window, lost in colourless thoughts about the All-Father and the Æther. What was the spare one when one and one are three? After a while his mind wandered back to his duties on the morrow: Runv. The All-Father seemed more than concerned about these reports in the village of Runv.

“What was your name?” he spoke alone in the twilight of his house to himself trying to remember the name of the arrested Korakoi in Runv for public disturbances. He searched for his Holon over the room and found it in the half circle couch around the smouldering fireplace in the centre of the living room. He took the cube shaped miniature computer with his fingertips instead of his clawtips and placed it in the dark metallic table by the window. He sat in one of the dark metallic chairs matching the table and made the on gesture with his right eye, in which his Seer was installed. The Seer was one of the finest pieces of technology the Korakoi scientists had produced so far, and it was based on one of the biggest evolutionary mysteries of their people. It was an almost invisible device which was implanted within one of the eyes of each Korakoi when he or she reached puberty, one of the technical rites that initiated adulthood. The device itself was a tiny but powerful computer, but that was not the achievement in the Seer, but its direct interface into the brain and into other computers and machines. With it, any Korakoi could interact with any machine, with which the subject had a login, using his eye and his eight upper claws. In fact, there were some Korakoi so skilled with the Seer that they could control several machines at a time. The Korakoa record was set currently at forty-six simultaneous machines controlled by a single mind. And that was the brilliant trick about the Seer; its computational power was only used as an interface, but the true muscle to control other pieces of technology came from the Korakoi mind itself.

But that also was the great unsolved mystery of his people. Of all the known living beings in existence with a nervous system, the Korakoi were the only ones whose subconscious mind had a computational power far greater than needed by their body functions. All the body functions, like breathing, digesting or dreaming, which are not controlled, at most times, by the conscious mind, require a certain number of operations per unit of time. When calculating this number of operations by the non-conscious mind and comparing it to the number of operations that all the body functions require, the number coincides remarkably – just leaving a small overhead – for all living beings except one kind: the Korakoi. It is also known that this number of operations of the subconscious mind greatly exceeds those of the conscious mind, being one of the main reasons that the main structural pillar of consciousness and self-awareness is subconscious in nature. This paradox is what makes all living beings unable to understand their own nature outside the abstract light of Science.

The Holon came alive with tricks of white decomposed light floating in the air in front of Qitzocatl. The light formed shapes in the dark air of the room: news, the weather, personal messages and other important and vane things. “You have eleven new messages” the machine told Qitzocatl in its pleasant female voice with a perfect Corvus accent. He went through the list with a swipe of his right index claw.

“Play the message from Jainkossa, if you are so kind” he told the machine. Of course, you did not need to be polite or kind to machines, but he always preferred to treat them as close as possible as he would treat any other living being. That made him feel better for some unknown reason.

“Love, I will also be sleeping in my place tonight since it is closer to work and I will be staying until late again this cycle. See you tomorrow!” The message played in the familiar voice of his partner, Jainkossa. Qitzocatl never knew what he was doing with her, how was it possible that of all their promotion at the Corvus Gnosis University she mated with him, when she could have chosen anyone. We all were mad about her by that time. Even now, some of them are still mad about her. And how could they not be? She was beautiful beyond measure, clever as they came, but not in that introverted way of geniuses, but also funny and kind and loving. And she was pristine white. That was one of the rarest colours the feathers of a Korakoi could be, in fact, Qitzocatl had never met any other white feathered in his life. Black most commonly, also blue, brown, red, ochre, light and dark green and many others less frequently, but not white.

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