The Alternative

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Coping with pain, she still turns the blame.

What's behind those broken eyes?

I glimpse a familiar stranger.

She says she cannot help it,

She states that it's her life.

She cuts away the agony,

She drinks away the strife.

Drowning in a pool of misery, limbs deadened,

She can't reach the surface.

Gasping for air, she takes in little.

Helping only means getting pushed away further.

She claims it's this or death,

The alternative, the murder.

She's killing herself slowly.

We all hurt for her,

But she can't understand,

She brings tears to my eyes,

Which are also clouded.

The grief she carries,

We suffer in silence.

The pain she holds,

Forever getting stronger.

I hope she can hold on for longer...

We cry as she turns her back,

Walking through the gates

To her despair.

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