29// Tori

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Throwing myself down on Jack's sofa and sighed loudly. Well, today has sucked, Royally I might add.

I can't believe Jeremy had the nerve to turn up here and demand no less, for me to come home with him. what kind of person does that? Especially when they've caused so much pain and hurt.

The best part of this day was getting to finally wipe that smug look off his face.

After today I finally realized that I just feel emotionally drained between it all, and I just feel stuck, like there's a dark cloud over my head and until that's gone I can't fully move forward with my life and what I want in it.

"Tori do you need any ice for your hand?" I heard a voice shout at me.

Shaking away my thoughts and looked up to see Jack, holding a bag of ice.

Looking down at my hand, the one I used to punch Jeremy in the face, the skin is a little broken, my knuckles are red and bruised but it's not broken.

"Nah...I'm good thanks Jack" I replied, just as Derek takes a seat next to me, hands me a beer. Taking the beer from him, sipping a little of it, just as he does the same with his own, and Jack joins us with his own beer.

I think we all need a drink after today's events...I know I do.

"You, okay?" Derek asks me, messing with the bottle in my hands, before moving my stare to him. 

"I'll be better when I know he's out of River-Cove for good"

"What the hell did you even see in that asswipe anyways?" Jack snorts, shaking his head and smiled.

"Honestly looking back now, I have no idea. I guess I was just young and stupid".

And I was young and stupid, I met Jeremy when I was nineteen...almost twenty and I thought it was a fairy-tale love story, worthy of a book but it wasn't.

I lost myself in those six years I was with him, he was my first serious relationship. I think I put up with what he threw at me, because of misguided love that I thought I had for him, when really it wasn't, I think I stayed with him, for the sake of having someone to be with.

But when I saw him with Mia, I realized that I didn't need him to be happy, that I couldn't be with him, just for the sake of being with someone.

That I deserved better than that, I deserved better than half a love, I deserved to be genuinely loved and Jeremy has never shown me that I was, and it took walking away from him to actually see that.

"I wish I punched him...." Derek's mumbles brought me back to the conversation, shaking my head and laughed, kissing his cheek softly.

"I don't need you to defend my honor babe...I just need you by my side".

"I'll always be by your side, you never have to worry about that" He whispers to me, before placing a gentle kiss on my lips for a long second.

"Ugh...It's like watching a hallmark movie with you two..."

We pull apart when we hear Jack's snorts of mocking, but with a hint of true happiness for us.

Throwing my eyes at him and smirked at him.

"Do you watch a lot of hallmark movies, Jack?" I ask him in a joking tone.

Jack chooses to ignore my remark and just smiles and takes a sip of his beer.

"Apart from douchebag showing up, how was lunch with Tess?" Derek asks me.

"It was fine, Tess closed the diner, so it was just us and Levi-;" I started to say but cut off so fast when the conversation I had with Levi flashes through my head.

I can't believe I thought the information that he told me, about that summer seven years ago, how they were two new people in River-cove then.

"Shit I forgot Levi mentioned something strange when we were talking about the stalker, I mentioned how you thought it started seven years ago...that summer and-;"

"And what?" Jack butts in, glaring at him to shut up and let me finish.

"Levi moved here that summer too-;" I started off to say but then flickered my eyes between them firmly, before carrying on.

"And before you go Sherlock and Watson on me, no I don't think Levi is the teddy-bear killer, but he did say that he spent that summer observing the town's people, he also said that when he started River-Cove high that year, there was also two new student's along with him...they were brothers".

"What else did he say to you?" Derek asks me, shrugging my shoulders.

"Not much else, I asked if he remembered their names and if they still lived here, but he couldn't remember. He did say that one was around sixteen at the time, the other was older maybe a senior that year" I answered.

"It probably doesn't mean anything, but I thought it might be information that you needed to know"

"Anything helps babe....we will look into it and see if it leads anywhere".

Nodding my head and took a breath, I hope it does lead somewhere. I just need this to be over, I just need to finally be free from this nightmare, so I can move forward and start my life with Derek and Daisy, wherever that road leads us I know it will be together, or at least I hope it will be.

We just need one little break in the case...

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