Chapter 6.

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Right guy's you need to know this for it to make sense... 

After the business with the Volturi is over, the pack becomes one again. Jake lives with Cullen's and Seth lives with his mum. Seth's mother isn't dating Charlie, she's married to someone else and so is Charlie. Leah found her imprint and stopped phrasing. She lives in La Push with him. Jake and Seth keep the forest where the Cullen's live safe. While the others protect La push. Jake's not the Alpha since he isn't really with the other's that much, so I decided to put a Character called Josh as the Alpha. He's Sam's brother.(I made that part up..) :D Enjoy!


Chapter 6, Part 1-

As we reached La Push, I saw a lot of people gathered around a camp fire. Seth jumped off the bike, and reached for my hand to help me off. I smiled as I took it. He's such a gentleman. I saw Jacob and Nessie walk towards us, then we all walked over to the others. They smiled as we reached them, and one man said,"Hey Jake, Nessie and Seth. Who's this?" He asked, while looking at me in curiosity. When he asked this, everyone turned around and looked towards me. 

"Hey, this here is Nessie's twin sister. We just got her back from the Volturi." Jake said, while walking over with Nessie and taking a seat around the fire. He sat Nessie in his lap, like a lot of other couple's are. He said something to the other's which I didn't hear because Seth started to say something.

"That's Josh, He's the Alpha of the pack." Seth said to me.

"Hello, nice to meet you." I said being polite.

He said hello back, shook my hand and then went to join the others. 

"Come on, I'll introduce you to the others." He said, while giving me a smile. We walked up to the others, and they began to tell me their name's.

"I'm Sam, Josh's brother, and this is my imprint Emily. I used to be Alpha but I gave up being a shape shifter so I can grow old with Emily." He said to me, while shaking my hand. Emily smiled at me and hugged me. 

"I'm Quil, and this is my imprint Claire." He said, by his scent he's still a shapeshifter. I also noticed that he was the one who came with my family to get me.

"I'm Brady."


"Peter, and this is my imprint Sarah." I noticed that she's the only girl shape shifter.

"Nice to meet you." I said after shaking everyone's hands.

Me and Seth sat down next to Nessie and Jake. I looked around and saw that everyone was in their own conversations. 

"So, what do you think of everyone so far?" Nessie asked me.

"They seem nice." I replied.

"They can be annoying sometimes, but they're cool. Just watch out, some of them like pranking." Jake warned me, while smiling.

I smiled back. We began talking about random thing's waiting for the rest to arrive. I heard some one say that Seth's imprinted. My face fell when I heard this. When I was living with the Volturi, I didn't meet alot of people. I was hidden away in the castle, and the people I did meet I only thought of them as friends. Now i'm out of there, and when I find some one I like he's taken. I guess that we wasn't meant to be then. I put a fake smile on my face so that no one would ask what's wrong. I noticed that the other's have arrived. They greeted me and I found out that one of them is Jake's dad called billy. The other person was called Daniel and he's a wolf, and his imprint is called Lilly.  

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