Chapter | 6

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Warning: About to get dark, don't romanticize. We've barely touched the beginning of the plot.

unbeknownst to the world,
Location ???

An eerie yet beautiful laugh can be heard, as well as high heels clacking against the polished floor menacingly. A Vampire diplomat holding his daughter ran across the hallways in order to get away from the Entity.

He hears that laugh again, before his knees were cut by a blade of unknown material. He couldn't outrun the Entity. In Russian, he yells to his daughter, "Eva, run! Run!"


"RUN!" the man pushes her, and the sudden appearance of the tall Entity in front of her Dad terrified her enough to scream and run away.

The man faced the Female Entity and ignoring the pain in his detached knee, he stabs the sword towards her voluptuous chest. But, not before she catches the blade with her very hands.

"You leave her alone, you wicked witch! Fight your own war yourself!" The man yells despite being in her mercy.

A tall, 8ft Female Entity whose skin is literally glowing in the darkness, irises as silver as the white of her eyes, a long mystical gown of light flowing yet evaporating when it reaches the floor. Her hair is white and floating behind her, almost imitating a burning flame. Her skin is as tan as flayed tree bark, and her ears are pointed and adjourned with jewelry.

The Entity throws the sword away, the wound from its blade barely bleeding, but still there.

Then, she merely smirks in order to turn the man's eyes white, forcing him to envision his daughter in front of him. She then walks a few steps forward, long tongue licking her forefinger from base to tip. "Would you like to see her again?"

With a flick of that finger, the man suddenly sees his little girl being decapitated, and her body disintegrating as her head remains staring at his father. "EVA-"

The Entity then mercilessly steps on the man's head, her 6-inch heel stabbing right through his eyes. The glowing light from her dress travels down to the heel and into the man's body, where it literally ate him up before going back to its Mistress' garments.

Now in silence, the Entity slowly walks again, until a vampire boy meets her with the little girl in his hands. She nods, acknowledging his success.

Watching the poor crying girl, the Entity licks her forefinger yet again and with an eerie smile says, "Patayin ang ilaw."


"You're dating someone?!" Shen gasps when he and Ryūji met up in school.

"Uhm, not exactly dating... more like, getting to know each other?" Ryūji answers, excluding the fact that he and Lei make out every time they're together these past 3 days.

"Wow, the girl must be so pretty, huh..." Shen excitedly squeals, to which Ryūji awkwardly widens his eyes and nervously chuckles. He still hasn't told Shen details, and it's okay since they respect what each of them is willing to share.

"Y-yeah... so pretty," Ryūji sighs, "They have the softest skin and... and precious, pretty eyes... the beauty, man... and it's not just that, the personality is cute, too..."

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