~32~ pancake day

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“Pancake day, Amelie!” Dad draws open my curtains. 

Morning sunlight streams through my room.

I groan out a swear word. He doesn’t hear, thankfully. He’s in a cheerful mood. After staring out of the window for a minute, he walks over to my bed and studies me. Grinning, he takes a sip of his coffee.

“Are you coming down with something?” He nods at my hat.

I blink at him through my sleep-encrusted eyes. My hand automatically tugs the hat further down my head.

“No,” I bark out.

“Are you sure?” he says, worry etches itself in his green eyes. 

He’s only worried because he wants an extra pair of hands in the store.


“All right — good to hear,” he smiles. “Dad can’t have his baby feeling unwell.”

I roll my eyes and make a face. “I’m not a baby.”

He squeezes my leg. “You are. You’re my delicate flower.” 

“You mean, I’m your slave,” I shrug off his hand. His husky laugh irritates the hell out of me.

“You’ll thank me when you’re older, my girl.”

As he’s leaving the room, he turns back round to me. “Hurry before all the pancakes vanish, Miss Moody.” He winks.

I grit my teeth and bury my head in the pillow. Dad is a d!ck. He stifles me — I can’t think when I’m around him. I frown as soon as I realise something.

He didn’t mention anything about the mirror; I was dreading his reaction.


The mirror is as smooth as an egg. I run my fingers along the surface, trying to find the fissures. Nothing. Did I imagine everything then? A shiver runs down my spine. 

The brush has been placed back on the basin’s rim — Dad must have done that.

Fvck — I’m going crazy now.

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