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My shift finished at 6 PM. I got out of the building and called a cab. I put my blazer in my bag and took out my hooded jacket. I wore that. There's no way I am stopping exactly at drop point but near there. I paid and got out of the car. I pull up my hood and wore gloves because there's now way I am leaving any fingerprints. I took out my phone and checked hidden cameras to see if anyone was there. There was no one. Being cautious about my surroundings,I took one look around to see if anyone was watching me. Gladly there was no one. I started to walk towards alleyway. I saw garbage bags,boxes,plastic bags,beer bottles. I took one right turn. I saw the familiar abundant building's back wall. I got in building by window. I directly went to rooftop. I took that envelope and went downstairs after giving a look around. I took information out of envelope and started reading it. It was written in beautiful cursive font.

Target's name: Nam Hyun-shik
(Imaginary name)

Hmm,I've heard of this name somewhere.

Appearance: in mid 20s, blonde hair, well built body, height around 5'8, formal style

Reason for assassination: blackmailing and double crossing

Committed crimes: rape, scams, drug trafficking, child-trafficking, human-trafficking, money laundering

Looks like some local fish but it worth a shot and I haven't gone on any assassination since many weeks so let's get it??

Yeah,let's get this.

Spot: backyard of abandoned building on st.42
Time: 11:55 PM

Requested by: Bangtan

I raised my eyebrow at name. #1 mafia group requesting an assassin for killing their enemies??must be some big matter. It'll be fun.

Payment: any amount you want

Hmm...500 thousands??a million??2 millions??4 millions??depends on how hard the mission is and how much time does it take. I'll decide after mission. First let's get out of here before anyone see me. I fixed my hood again just to make sure that my face doesn't show. I put the paper back in envelope. I put it in my bag. I went out of there quietly.

I just stopped cab in busy streets and started walking to mansion. I wanted some time for thinking,alone. Finally,some interesting work. First I have to prepare clothes-wait no!!I have to prepare an excuse for my so-called sweet family. I have to make excuse get out of there without getting caught and all that drama. After that the real action will start. I have to do more research about that Hyun-shik guy and that abandoned building and after that I will make a plan. Should I go back to company??I have my AI,my PC and my office. Nah,I said to Namjoon that I'll be back before 8.

I put my airpods in my ears. I pressed the home button.
Y/n: Aura??
Aura: Yes,miss. is there anything I can help with??
Y/n: yes,can you pls tell me how far st.42 is from Kim's??
Aura: it's 19.8 km away from Kim's.
Y/n: ok,thanks and can you pls find about Nam Hyun-shik??
Aura: sure,it will take some minutes. Should I use dark web or not??
Y/n: you can.
Aura: which country's VPN should I use??
Y/n: Thailand.
Aura: I'll inform you when I will get enough information about Mr.Nam.
I hummed. I called Jackson.

On the phone

Jackson: heyo!!
Y/n: heyo!!are you busy??
Jackson: I am never busy for you sweetheart!!
He said being a flirt. I shook my head with a smile.
Y/n: are you busy at 9??
Jackson: why??you wanted to go on date??
Y/n: nope. Did you found any girl today??
Jackson: nope. I am all yours.
Y/n: perfect. Litsen pabo, I need your help.
Jackson: I'm all ears
Y/n: you will call me tonight around 9 and use your drama skills and act like you just had breakup. Cry but don't over act. As far as I believe I will have phone but by chance if someone's listening that's why I am saying a this-do I have to explain it to you??
Jackson: y/n,I will manage everything okay??don't doubt my acting skills. But it's silent or what??
(Silent= terror,the silent killer)
Y/n: yep.
Jackson: don't worry. I'll get you out of there.
Y/n: thank you,bro.
Jackson: anything for my sis. Where are you??
Y/n: going to hell.
Jackson: hehe so how about you come over after you finish??
Y/n: yeah,I also want to have some good sleep. I'll come over. See you then.
Jackson: byeeeeeee
Y/n: byeeeeeee
I giggled and hung up.

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