Chapter Fourty Nine

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Draco scrambled off the couch when the doctor motioned him to go.
Harry pushed George back so he could be behind Draco, but George grabbed Harry by his shirt and tugged him back. Ron and Neville just looked at each other.
Draco followed the doctor upstairs to the first room on the left.
Hermione was standing outside the door, holding a small bundle of white blankets.
Draco walked up to her quickly and she handed him the bundle.
"Careful." She said.
The baby was covered up so well, Draco couldn't see its face.
He uncovered the baby slowly and smiled.
"Congratulations, Mr. Malfoy. You have a baby boy." The doctor said.
"How's (y/n)?" He asked.
"Just fine. She's inside with Ginny, Amy, Chicken, and Luna." Hermione said.
Draco opened the door and seen you laying down. Luna walked quickly past Draco carrying bloody blankets, Chicken following behind.
Ginny was putting wet towels on your forehead to cool you down and Amy was covering you up with blankets.
Draco didn't notice Harry, Ron, Neville, and George peeking over his shoulder to see the baby.
He rushed over to you, baby in his arms.
You looked up and smiled a tired smile.
"He's perfect isn't he?" You asked.
Draco nodded and smiled. "He looks like you."
"So what's his name?" George asked.
Draco looked at you.
"Did you have anything in mind?" He asked.
"Actually, I do.. I was thinking... Fred." You said.
George froze. He smiled as tears stung his eyes. "I think it's lovely."
Draco smiled. "Fred Malfoy? I think it's great."
Draco looked down at baby Fred and smiled. Fred stirred alittle in his arms and opened his eyes alittle before returning to sleep.
George stepped up. "Can I hold my godson?" He asked.
Draco nodded and gave him baby Fred.
You had chosen Hermione and George as the baby's godparents when you were about seven months pregnant.
Draco didn't argue. He thought that none of his friends were fit for the job.
Everyone gathered around George to see baby Fred.
"He looks just like you, (y/n)!" Ron said.
"Which is why he's so perfect." Draco said, sitting next to you on the bed and holding your hand.
You never understood how you ever got so lucky to be with someone like Draco. You two have made it through thick and thin. If that wasn't relationship goals, then you didn't know what was.
And now you two started a family.
Draco leaned his head on your head and and smiled at Harry and Ron who were fighting over who got to hold baby Fred after Ginny.
Hermione just clucked her tongue and shook her head, crossing her arms at them.
Luna was peeking over Ginny's shoulder and so was Neville. George had gone to the sitting room to get the white pajamas and black and white striped beanie he got the baby.
When he came back he looked at you and held them up. "Can he put this on?"
"Of course, George!" You said.
George gave the clothes to Hermione.
Ginny layed Fred on the bed next to you and got a diaper. She put it on him and helped Hermione put the outfit on him.
"Aww look at him how handsome he is!" Luna said when Hermione held him up.
Fred opened up his eyes and gave a somewhat glare at everyone.
"Hahaha did you see that? I think he wants us to be quiet." Neville said.
Draco laughed. "Ah, he has the glare of a Malfoy, alright."
"Yeah, I noticed he hates being bothered while he's asleep." Ginny said.
"Oh, just like his father." You said, looking at Draco.
"Hey that's not what happened when we-" Draco started.
"Draco no!" You interrupted.
Draco shrugged and smirked.
You had fallen asleep a few minutes after everyone left. Draco had carried you back to the room you two shared and tucked you in.
You woke up to the sound of laughter coming from the room next to yours and Draco's.
You got up to see what was going on.
You tiptoed to the door and slid through it, careful not to open it wide enough for the creaking to start. It was dark in the hallway, except for the candles that lined the walls. They came on automatically when it turned dark.
You tiptoed to the room next to yours and Draco's a.k.a. the baby's room.
You smiled as you leaned against it's doorway.
Draco was running his fingers softly on baby Fred's head, humming a slow tune.
My gosh, Draco was humming!
The baby was asleep and when Draco turned around, he semi-jumped when he saw you.
"Did he eat already?" You asked.
"Yes, Longbottom and Lovegood left me this book for us." He picked up a book from the shelf. "It's on parenting and what to do when the baby needs a diaper change, a bath, all that information. While you were asleep I made him a bottle of milk to drink." He said proudly.
"Oh, what a big boy you are now!" You laughed.
Draco smiled and hugged you. You both walked out of the room hand in hand, but not before turning to see Fred one last time for the night.

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