Chapter 51:Searching every lonely place

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Gia's POV

'Somewhere only we know'

"Aww I'm sorreh love, he literally just left"
"Yeah he was in a biht of a hurry I'm noht sure why, buh he did say he was going to see Anthoneh before he left"
"Oh okeh, you think I'll be able to catch up to him?" thah kinda slipped out a biht too quickleh, buh it was just Trisha.
"I hope so, for your sake" she winked and I smiled back at her, she was really such a sweet woman.

"Well I best be going" I stood up.
"Soh nice to see you love, hopefulleh we'll see you again soon" she smiled pulling meh into a hug.
"You too"
I left the Malik residence as fast as I could and headed for the onleh place I knew to find Ant: the ramps. I goht there in a matter of seconds and I hit the ground running. Well I wasn't realleh runnin, since I'm about as fast as a three legged dog, buh I was in a hurry. It was Saturdeh morning and the ramps were very much deserted. Everyone would onleh show up once the sun started setting; I knew thah. There were a few skaters who weren't allowed at night so they were enjoying the half pipe at this hour, buh other than thah there was no one around and I was beginning to lose hope. I decided to goh to Zayn's spot, the place he'd taken me to thah night we almost goht arrested, the place we'd said our goodbyes. As I entered the alley my pace slowed down and my heart rate picked up. It was like a time capsule inside here with all of his art work. He was all over these walls, I mean the place reeked of him, it was almost tangible.
"Gia?" I nearleh jumped out of my skin at the sound of a familiar male voice, buh I managed to pull myself together before turning aweh from the wall to fehs him.
"Hi" I smiled despite the fact thah I was still shaking from the fright he'd given meh.
"Whah are ya doin here?"
"Oh am I noht allowed here anymore?" I raised an eyebrow and he chuckled.
"Haven't seen you here in a while" he justified.
"Well my reason left town" I shoved my hands in mah jean pockehts. He chuckled at thah and adjusted the white beanie on his head.
"Soh is he here?"
"He just left Gia"
"You're kiddin?!"
"Noh ah like literally just saw him off on the train"
"Sorreh" he chuckled.
"It's noht funneh Ant"

Zayn's POV

*P: Hey, got back a day early bored stiff when are you arriving?!!!*
*Z: on my way babe*
*P: oh goodie I have a ton of stories for you my holiday was sooo boring*
*Z: Lol :D*
*P: oh uh how was yours?*
*Z: ...*
*Z: Interesting*
*P: oh looks like you've got some things to tell me ;)*
*Z: yeah I guess ;)*
*P: Well then just get here already!*
*Z: ok Pez chill out :D*
*P: ok but make it quick! ;)*
*Z:okay babes*


I read her texts and smiled to myself. I had missed her and I was glad to be seeing her again. Perrie was just soh full of life and soh much fun to be around. It was just soh much simpler with her and I liked thah. I knew thah if we dated it would be cool and noht as complicated...buh I loved Gia. And I was still in love with her. Thah's whah had given meh the crehzy idea thah we could still be together, buh ah guess my trip home had been a biht of an eye opener. Things were never gonna geht any easier, if anything they'd keep gehtin harder. Maybeh it realleh was time for meh to move on?

*P: I missed you*
*Z: missed you too, wish this train could move faster ;)*
*P:shut your eyes, it makes everything go faster x*


I read over her text a few times and then worked on my reply a few more times. This made meh realleh nervous and I had no idea whah I was doing, buh I sent the text anyway.

*Z: thanks for that I think I'm gonna try it, see you in a bit babe x*


Gia's POV

"Soh whah happened last night?"
"What'd you mean?" I asked innocentleh.
"You kissed didn't you?"
"Oh he told you about thah?" I kicked some stones with my feet stuffing my hands deeper into my jean pockets.
"He did" he winked.
"Does he uhm...tell you evereh thing?" this was awkward. I didn't think thah he realleh told Ant stuff about us, I figured Loueh was the one he'd confide in.
"Noh noht realleh buh I guess Tommo was too buseh and Zen was in a hurreh soh yeah. I followed him here last night"
"Whah for?"
"I saw him leave in a hurreh soh I followed him" he shrugged. Gosh was I gonna havta squeeze evereh biht of information out of the lad?
"Tony!" I scolded and he snickered.
"Okeh whah do you wanna know Giashka?"
"I wanna know what you know thah I don't" I sighed running a hand through my hair.
"You wanna know about Perrie Edwards?"
"Yes please"
"Take a seat" he offered me a crate and I awkwardleh obliged. He pulled up one of his own and then just sat there grinning at meh and adjusting his beanie like an idiuh.
"Anthony, talk to me!" I demanded.
"Thah rhymes" he chuckled.
"Shuh op"
"Okeh" he folded his arms. And I sighed at just how annoying this boy could be. Whah did Mishka see in him again?
"Please tell me about Zayn and Perrie" I huffed.
"Okeh, well first off; she's just a friend. She's the first person he met there soh they're pretty close"
"Thah makes sense"
"Yeah and while she may have feelings for him, he doesn't feel the same way" he went on explaining as if it weren't the least biht complicated.
"He doesn't?" I had to ask just to be sure.
"Noh, he loves you Gia"
Wow it was weird to see Ant actualleh being serious, buh I knew him well enough to know thah he was. He wasn't lying, Zayn did love meh! I wish ah knew thah last night.
"Wait, buh then why did he run aweh?"
"Uhm thah's a story for him to tell" he shifted awkwardleh.
"C'mon I'll show you something"
I followed to whah I knew as 'Zayn's corner'. My eyes scanned the walls and I smiled as I saw the familiar paintings. He'd explained most of them to meh and the rest didn't need an explanation. I knew Zayn, I knew whah he was thinking and I'd even seen his sketches in his notebooks. I ran my fingers across the wall getting soh absorbed in it thah I was completely oblivious to Ant's presence; until I came to an unfamiliar work. I looked up at the cartoon design of whah appeared to be a teenage girl.  She had on a pair of denim shorts and a black 'guns and roses' t-shirt. She was looking away as if she was shy and some of her short hair covered her fehs. The depiction was astonishing and I stood there trembling and in awe.
"He came by last night to finish it off. He did this-"
"The night he goht arrested" I finished for him and he nodded.
I ran my fingers over the depiction of whah was the pair of sneakers I had on thah day and my eyes filled up with tears.
"It's the best I've ever seen him do" Ant said in a rather quiet voice, I guess he knew just how much this all meant.
"I wish I'd seen this before" I murmured to myself.
"You couldn't have" he shrugged.
"I know" I took a step back and took in the whole painting until my eyes fell on the fine text on the heel of the sneaker; it was the title of the painting and it read three simple letters: Gia.

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