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Zayn's POV

My lips gentleh brushed against hers and I started to feel that tingling sensation and the warmth coursing through my veins, buh she immediateleh pulled aweh. Her fingers rushing to her lips the moment she did.
"Babe?" I questioned. She was over meh wasn't she? And here I'd gone and made an idiyah out of myself.
"Z-Zayn...whah about Perrie?" her voice was soh soft it came out in a whisper. Perrie? Aww man I should've known! She thinks Pez is my girlfriend.
"Giashka..." I intertwined the fingers on my right hand with hers and held her face in my other hand. I had her full attention now cause she was staring right into mah eyes waiting for meh to speak. Did I mention earlier how she makes me feel kinda intimidated, cause she was doing thah now.
"Babe you need to know thah-" I glanced aweh from her stare and my eyes landed on another much darker, colder, pair looking at meh from the parking lot below.
"Whah is it?" her eyes followed mine confused. She couldn't see him giving me daggers from her angle.
"I uh, ah havta goh behbs" I kissed her cheek and then, like a complete jerk, just left her standing there on the balcony. Yeah she was probably thinking of meh as one. I goht inside and the party was over, there was barely anyone left and I knew better than to stick around. I goht out of there as fast as I could, and I made sure to use the back exit.

Gia's POV

I could noht figure him out. I mean he was always mysterious, buh this wasn't the good kinda mystery. This was the 'What happened in uni that turned my Zayn into a jerk?' kinda thing. I thought about it the entire sleepless night, buh I couldn't figure it out. Why would he kiss meh when he has a girlfriend? And why would he just run aweh when I asked about her? This was noht the Zayn I knew, noht thah lad I fell in love with at the church. He hadn't even taken his coat and I was forced to deal with his scent the whole night after thah. Okeh I'll admit I did sniff it a few times, buh don't judge meh I couldn't help it. It was six a.m. and I was lying in mah bed about to finalleh drift off to sleep when it hit meh. Zayn and I only had a week in town together; his week was over. I had to find him before he left. I goht out of bed and took a shower to wake me up. I goht ready in record time and decided to leave a note before I grabbed Priya's car keys and headed out. One of the perks of having my permit was the fact thah I could drive around town by myself now. I decided to goh to his house; I knew it was earleh, buh Trisha was always an earleh riser anywey.

Zayn's POV

'Where's the good in good-bye
Where's the nice in nice try'

I watched the scenery fly by and I hummed along to the tune.

'Where's the us in trust God'

I wasn't in a good mood, buh I was doing whah Gia always does; listening to sad music to feel behter. I was angry at myself for whah had happened last night. I was soh occupied with how much I loved Gia and how much I missed her thah I kinda down played the reason for our break-up in the first place. I forgoht the reason I was a free man and also the terms thah came with them. Buh of course her father hadn't and the look he gave me last night said it all. And as if thah wasn't enough, his mouthing the words "leave now" and his pointing in the direction of the exit, was clear enough. He wouldn't leht me be with her, buh it was also clear to me thah ah couldn't be without her. Whah the hell was I gonna do?

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