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"hey, which one looks better?" summer asks me, holding up a light yellow dress with pink flowers, aside a long-sleeved purple dress with vines on the sleeves. "that one." i point to the purple one.
"that's what i was thinking." she puts the dress on her doorknob and sits down on her bed next to me.
"so, how are you feeling about the first day of sophomore year tomorrow?" she asks me, plugging in her phone.

"i don't really know. i'm not as nervous as i was freshman year, that's for sure. i'm more worried about getting picked on by the juniors and seniors." i reply as she chuckles a little. "yeah, i feel the same way. but we'll be fine. we've got jack and auggie. they're always by our side." she assures me, as i nod.
"oh! did you get your schedule?" i ask summer, pulling out a little slip of paper with my schedule on it." "oh yeah! here," she pulls out her schedule.

"sweet! we have four classes together!" she says, as i smile. "that's a relief." i sigh, as i get a text alert on my phone. "who's that?" summer asks me as i pick up my phone. i chuckle a little before answering her.
"it's just jack. he wants to know what i'm doing." she coos at me, as i roll my eyes. "what?" i ask her.

"nothing. you should go hang out with him." she smirks. "no thanks, i'd rather hang out with you." i smirk back as she rolls her eyes with laugh.  "you know he likes you, y/n." she tells me, as i turn off my phone. "you're crazy. jack is my best friend." i assure her, before getting another text alert on my phone.

"jack again?" she asks me. "no, it's my mom," i unlock my phone. "ugh- i gotta go, my mom wants me home." i tell her, picking up my bag and standing up from her bed. "aw man. well, come to my house tomorrow morning before school so we can carpool with jack and auggie." summer tells me, and i nod. summer is my neighbor, so i can just walk over to her house in the morning. in fact, jack, auggie, summer and i all live pretty close to each other. walking distance.

"bye summer!" i call from her front door. "bye y/n/n!" she calls back, as i close the front door behind me. i walk next door to my house, and see my mom leaving the house and getting into her car. "where're you going?" i ask her, as she starts the car and rolls her window down. "grocery store. also, i can't take you to school tomorrow, so-" "oh, that's okay, summer is gonna take jack, auggie and i." i cut her off.  "is summer driving?" she asks and i nod. "she got her license." i reply, as she nods and backs out of the driveway.

i walk inside the now empty house, taking my bag up to my room and dropping it on the floor. i'm comfortable around summer since i've been with her all summer, and she's like a sister to me. but the guys are gonna be super horny all the time and shit, and i don't- i don't like anyone. my phone starts ringing as i sit down on my bed, and i pick it up to see that jack is facetiming me. i answer the phone, and the first thing i see is jack sticking his tongue out at the camera. i laugh and so does he, before taking his face away from the camera.

"what're you doing?" i ask him, noticing that he's in the middle of the street. "i'm just going on a walk. what're you doing? i thought you were with summer." he asks. "i was, but my mom wanted me home. she just left though. i don't really understand her." i say and he chuckles. "so you're home alone?" he asks, continuing to walk. "yep." i groan, flopping down on my bed. "that sucks," he frowns. "so, summer's mom is taking us all to school tomorrow, right?" he adds, and i nod, as i hear a knock on my front door, and the same delayed knock coming from jack's side of the call.

i walk downstairs and open the door, revealing jack on my doorstep with a smile. "surprise." he says, as i hang up the phone and wrap my arms tightly around him. "damn, i didn't know you'd be this excited to see me." he jokes, hugging me back. "of course i am. i haven't seen you in person in two months!" i reply, pulling away from the hug, looking at the lightning bolt earring in his ear. "this is new." i point at it, as he nervously chuckles and covers it up. "do you like it?" he asks nervously, scratching the back of his neck. "yeah dude! it's sick." i assure him, as i walk him upstairs to my room.

"so what've you been up to?" he asks me, as we both sit down on my bed. "nothing much. i've mostly hung out with summer. i wish i could've hung out with you and auggie more, but auggie was on vacation, and you were away at camp with your brother." i respond, as he frowns a bit. "i'm sorry, i really wanted to hang out with you guys." he assures me, as i nod gloomily and look down at my lap "what's wrong?" he asks me, turning my head to look at him.

"i guess i'm just worried about our friend group separating. we haven't all hung out together in a while, and it just feels like we're falling apart." i tell him, as he wraps his arms around me and holds me close to him. "don't worry about any of that. nothing's gonna happen to us." he says, as i rest my head on his shoulder.

"you're right." i reply, taking a deep breath before sitting up. "okay, movie night?" he asks me, smiling wide. "i wish. my mom's gonna be home any minute, and she can't see you here." i tell him as he pouts.
"i thought your mom liked me!" he spoke, as i chuckle. "she does, but if she sees you here when she's not home, she'll think-" "oh- okay, got it. i'm gonna leave, but i'll see you tomorrow morning." he smiles. "okay." i reply, hugging him tightly before he leaves my room.

"and don't worry about the whole 'friend group' thing. everything's gonna get back to normal the second we all see each other tomorrow morning." he wraps his arms around me in return, as i nod into his chest and pull away. "thanks jack. now hurry up and go, i don't want my mom to ground me." i smile and he laughs, rushing down the stairs and out the front door. "bye jack will!" i call to him from my open window, as he waves back at me from my front yard.
"bye y/n l/n!" he replies with a smile, running down the street and back to his house.

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