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Behind The Story

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Chris Smith grew up in a household surrounded by sarcasm, big dreams, and good books. She started writing poetry at an early age and hasn't been able to put the pen down since. Most days you'll find her getting her ass kicked by the words. Chris is currently working on several books ranging in different genre's and planning TOTAL WORLD ROCK DOMINATION.

In between gigs, Chris does a little consulting on storytelling, social media, and energy healing. You can inquire at:



Instagram: @RantingsOfaGirl

Twitter: @RantingsOfaGirl

Wattpad: http://www.wattpad.com/user/ChrisRantingsOfaGirl

Website: http://rantingsofagirl.com

A TASTE OF DESTRUCTION Book 1 (EDITING) is the juice worth the squeeze seriesRead this story for FREE!