Dubious Mystery Tour

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Standing there in the middle of the airport, I looked up and saw a massive blue sky that was separated by numerous blue rectangles that separated the sheet of glass. Underneath my feet, I could feel the hard, but smooth floor, which I noticed before looking up at the sky, was a light shade of blue, but it lighter than the sky. The reflection of the palm trees that surrounded me were staring right back towards my eyes. Many people were walking to and from the gates located at the rear of the airport, where planes were normally stationed. Their reflections could also be seen clearly, like the trees and the tops of the monitors that were silver and had the same boxed look of old televisions.

This was supposed to be a fun day, as it was my first trip away from home without the company of my parents. However, it was very unsettling. I could not put my finger on any particular thing. Maybe, it was the crowd that was causing my uneasiness, since a crowd can both protect a person and camouflage something like a mugging, an assault with a bladed weapon, some other crime, or criminal.

Due to my uneasiness, I could feel the wet texture of sweat rolling down my body. I knew that I did not have anything to hide, but this feeling was making me feel like I made a huge mistake at some point in my life.

After a few minutes, I lowered my head and walked towards a black bench that had no back support situated diagonally to my right. Like a fence, the bench had many holes in it, but they were not big enough to slip through.

I again looked back up at the sky, still not knowing exactly what was causing the uneasiness, because I had many things on my mind.

Why did they agree to this? When minors request this kind of thing, the request is usually denied. Are they planning something? It is all her fault.

Although things were being reflected back by the glass ceiling, the blue sky was way too enchanting to notice any footsteps or people. People and things change. On the other hand, the sky’s beauty always stays the same.

Without warning, I felt a sharp poke, but it was not the kind of poke that would cause serious injury or death. It was much gentler than that, but hard enough that I was back into reality.

As I turned my head, I saw a girl with brown hair and green eyes staring at me. Her skin was the same shade of pink as human skin, the same as my own. Her height was about five feet and seven inches. She wore a red jacket over a black shirt and tan pants. She did not wear any socks and the only thing that separated her feet from the ground were yellow sandals with a piece jutting out that separated the biggest toe on each of her feet from the other four toes.

“Something is on your mind. What is it?” she asked in a concerned tone.

“Are we really supposed to be doing this, Emily? This does not feel right,” I replied, revealing my uneasiness to her.

“Everything will be fine. Your parents told me to look after you. All we need is each other.”

I looked at her carefully and saw her smiling face, knowing that she was trying to cheer up, but it did not do anything to put me at ease. After all, I could answer why her parents would be okay with this arrangement either. For all I knew, both her parents and my own were planning something. There could be no other explanation for this kind of situation.

“Did your parents really agree with this arrangement?”

“Of course, we aren’t the only ones that are going on this trip.”

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