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You stare at the ball's invitation with wide eyes before Drizello takes it upon himself to snatch it away from you.

"What is this mockery? There is no woman in our house to send as representative of the house to marry the prince"

You raise an eyebrow, clearly offended by the dark-haired boy's words that he doesn't consider you a woman.

Anastasius is quick to notice your displeased expression, so he corrects the misunderstanding.

"What my dear brother is trying to say is that there is no woman in our family to send to the ball" you nod your head slowly.

"I would like to attend the ball though" you admit, in hopes of annoying Drizello more.

Which worked, but you didn't only annoy the older brother but also the younger one.

"You are not going anywhere" Drizello states strictly, making Anastasius agree with him.

"Why not?"

"Do not get what I'm going to say wrong or anything, but you don't have a chance with the prince" you frown at the redhead.

"Excuse me?" Drizello snorts

"Honestly, you are not that pretty, not good at anything, so why would the prince choose you?"

You roll your eyes at Drizello's childish attitude.

"You are right, I'm not pretty nor smart..." The two brothers smirk.

"...but I'm still going to the ball"

With that, you walk away with a smile on your face, leaving them behind.

"We are not going to let her go to the ball, are we?" Anastasius asks.

"Of course not, and we are also going to show her own place" Anastasius frowns at his brother.

"Her own place?"

"Yes, her own place which is below us"


"You are going to attend the ball?"

Ellard is shocked to hear that you are going to attend the ball, he didn't know that you needed a husband.

"Yes, would you like to come with me?" You ask as you stand by his side in the stables as he feeds the horses.

"Yes, if I have something to wear then yes I would love to come with you" you giggle.

"Leave that to your fairy godmother or father" Ellard raises an eyebrow.

"Huh, what do you mean?"

"You will see just in time" his smile returns once again.

"I love you" the blond's sudden confession makes you turn red.

"I love you so much that I want to be your husband not some silly prince"

You are surprised to hear such words come out from a gentle-looking person like Ellard.

"Who said I was going to the ball for the prince, I just want to have fun, that's all" you explain.

"How about we run away together the day of the ball?" Ellard suggests.


You understand why would main lead would want to run away from the cruelty of his stepfather and stepbrothers.

"Yes, I know that Anastasius, Drizello, and Lord Tremaine are tormenting you as well, so let's leave this demanded place together!"

Ellard is right about the fact that the three men are being toxic towards you, especially Drizello.


Upon your agreement, Ellard grabs you by the cheeks and kisses you on the lips.

"I promise you that you and I are going to spend the happiest day in our lives once we run away"


The fair-skinned boy walks slowly into the chambers of his stepfather, making sure that it is empty before doing so.

Snow White takes a few steps towards the talking mirror before stopping right in front of it.

He knows that his stepfather likes to always speak with the magic mirror to get information.

Snow White wants to know one thing, is whether he will find his one true love or not.

"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall..." The pretty boy starts to quote the evil king's words.

"Who is my one true love?" a face appears inside the mirror with a smirk.

"In a faraway kingdom, there is a girl who is beautiful in appearance with lovely (h/c) locks and (e/c) eyes, she is your one true love"

Snow White's curiosity increases as leans closer to the mirror.

"What is her name?"

"(Y/-" suddenly the face in the mirror disappears as Snow White feels an appearance behind him.

"What do you think you are doing in my chambers, boy?"

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