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"This is the most beautiful garden I have ever seen," you say while walking in between Drizello and Anastasius.

"Good to know that you like it, as it soon going to become your garden" you frown slightly but shrug off Anastasius' sentence not thinking much of it.

"Tell me, do you think about ever getting married?" Drizello brings up the subject of marriage out of nowhere.

"No, not now at least" you bluntly reply, not liking where this conversation is heading.

"Why? I'm sure many men wish to marry you, Lady (Y/n)" Anastasius stutters out with a blush blossoming on his face.

"Well, when the right man comes along, then I will start thinking about marriage, but until then, I'm happy to be single"

"I like your honest answer" you give a gentle smile to the redhead.

Unlike Anastasius, Drizello doesn't accept your ideas.

"It is funny how you think you have a choice in such matters" you frown deeply at the eldest Tremaine boy's attitude.

"Excuse you?" your eyes turn sharp, feeling offended.

"You know, women should only marry and please their husbands in bed"

"Drizello!" Anastasius warns.

"What? I'm only speaking the truth, that was our mother's task before she passed away and Ellard's whore of a mother took her place"

Drizello's rudeness and cruelty enraged you and ruined your calm mood.

"Well, I believe there is no woman who would wish to become your wife in the first" you spat.

The younger brother gasps when his brother slaps you harshly across the face causing you to fall on the ground.

"How dare you speak to me like that, you filthy whore"

Still, in shock from what just happened, you didn't dare to move.

Drizello then grabs your locks of hair, forcing you back up on your feet, also forcing your face closer to his own.

"Maybe making you our slave will teach you a lesson-"

"Now, now, what did we say about being rude, son"

Drizello immediately lets go of your hair when he hears his father's voice.

"I was not being rude, Father" Drizello lies with ease.

Lord Tremaine grabs your chin and rises your head to see a red bruise on your hurt cheek.

"You know that I hate liars, Drizello" the dark-haired boy keeps silent.

The stare that you are receiving from Lord Tremaine made your stomach churn in nervousness.

"You can go and rest in your room now, lady (Y/n)"

Without wasting another minute, you obey and leave the boys with their father.

"She is the one who talks-"

"You should have not shown your true intentions to her now" Lord Tremaine places his hand on Drizello's shoulder.

"You only reveal it to her after marriage"


You need to get out of here as soon as possible, the Tremaine family are horrible people.

While thinking of a way to escape this place, the familiar figure of Ellard enters your room.

"Ellard, you are back early"

The golden-haired boy told you he was going downtown to take care of some business and won't be back before sunset.

"Yes, well the task wasn't so hard...why is your cheek bruised?" Ellard demands, his face turning into an ugly frown.

You try to think of a quick excuse, but when you see strange red stains on his clothes, you forget about making up an excuse.

"Are those stains of blood, Ellard?"

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