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You walk side by side with Ellard through the crowded local market.

Instead of staying at the manor, you have decided to go out with Ellard and buy some stuff like food and materials.

"So, you do not remember where you came from or who your parents are?" you nod at the golden-haired boy.

You did not want to tell him the truth of how you appeared out of nowhere in the manor.

"The matter is more complicated than that" you utter, holding tightly into the basket.

"At least, you don't have to deal with a cruel stepfather and stupid stepbrother on daily basis" you give Ellard a soft smile.

"One day, you will meet your beautiful princess who will swipe you off your feet"

The golden-haired boy stares at you for a second, before bursting out in laughter.

You don't understand what he is laughing about, if the main lead and villains are gender-bend, then the same goes for prince charming.


"Your highness, there aren't any princesses in this kingdom, only a prince" you chuckle nervously.

"Oh, I didn't know that"

So, prince charming is still the same gender...how interesting.

"Would you like to buy some apples?" you get pulled out of your thoughts by Ellard who starts walking over the fruit stand.

"Yes, I would love to" you follow behind him.

Once you reach the fruits' stand, the vendor's attention turns toward you and Ellard, but his eyes travel up and down your body.

Something which didn't escape Ellard's sight.

"Are those apples fresh?" you ask the vendor after picking up one of the apples, thinking about giving some to the horses back at the manor.

"Everything here is fresh, especially for beautiful ladies such as yourself"

Ellard having enough with the man's disgusting gazing and flirting, he yanks the apple out of your grasp and throws it back at the seller.

"Let's go, (Y/n)" the man frowns.

"But you haven't bought anything yet, I'm assured that the lady wants to buy a lot"

Your eyes widen in shock When Ellard suddenly attacks the man by punching him straight in the face.

"You have been staring at her body the whole time, disgusting pervert!" Ellard shouts, punching the man harder and attracting the attention of other people.

"Ellard! Get off of him!"

You pull on the said boy's arms to stop him from killing the man.


A relieved sigh escapes your lips when Ellard starts walking away while dragging you behind him.

"You didn't have to hit anyone, what if you got in trouble for it"

"Yes, but leave the old creep to molest you with his eyes" your face heats up.

"You did this for me?" He chuckles.

"Of course, why would I not want to protect the person I love"

You tried to calm your heart down, but the way Ellard keeps uttering out those words, you felt so fluttered.

"Thank you, but I would like if you don't get yourself in trouble" he gives you a gentle smile, happy that you are worried about him.

"Alright, I promise you that I will be careful next time"

Good thing he remembers the vendor's face, all he has to do is just find where he lives...

...and plan on how he is going to kill him.


"Have you decided on a bride yet, your highness?" the duke questions as he stands in front of the handsome-looking prince.

"No" the prince replies not removing his eyes from the book he is holding.

"This will greatly displease your father, as he wishes you get married as soon as possible"

The dark-haired prince removes the book away from his face to look at the grand duke.

"Alright then throw a ball, and shall pick the girl I like the most" prince charming states bluntly.

The duke smiles happily, delighted with his prince's suggestion.

"The invitations will be sent tomorrow, and the greatest ball of all times will be held in this kingdom" Henry sighs.

"Yes, now leave me alone to finish reading this book" the duke's eyes switches to the book the prince is holding.

"If may I ask, what book are you reading?" Henry smirks slightly.

"Oh, this? It is called 'the best torturing techniques' you should read it, it is really fun"

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