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"Now that we are all alone, why don't you show me what you are hiding under that pretty dress of yours, sweetheart"

You couldn't believe your eyes...is Cinderella or Cinderellard serious?

Honestly, you have never expected him to utter such filthy words, isn't he supposed to be a goody-two-shoes.

Apparently that Ellard is a bit different than our original character, Ella.

Or Ella was just two-faced in the first place to get the prince's attention.

...hmm, you are overthinking stuff here.

"What are you waiting for, take your dress off already" he purrs seductively at you.

"I'm waiting for you to get off of me, Ellard" you try to shove him away from you, yet his grasp is stronger than expected

"Are you not even going to kiss me? how unladylike of you" his uncanny smirk sends shivers through your whole body.

The golden-haired boy keeps on leaning towards your face until his lips meet yours.

"What do you think you are doing with our guest, Ellard?" the said boy pulls away and rolls his eyes upon hearing the voice of his stepfather.

He gets removes himself from on top of you and turns around to face Lord Tremaine.

You on the other hand, quickly stand up from your bed in the embarrassment of getting caught.

Lord Tremaine's glare is enough to make anyone crawl under a rock and die.

No wonder why he is called the evil stepfather.

"I was warming her up" Ellard's blunt answer made your mouth almost drop in disbelief.

'Warming me? You were trying to get to force yourself on me, bastard!'

"I believe you should get out of my face this instant and return back to your duties" Ellard narrows his blue eyes at his stepfather.

Nevertheless, he takes his leave instantly, leaving you alone with the older man.

The sharp and emotionless look on Lord Tremaine's face made you wish that Ellard didn't leave.

"I apologize if my stepson made you uncomfortable" you shook your head slowly at his sentence.

"It is alright, Ellard didn't cause any discomfort, my lord" you lie, hoping not to get the main lead into trouble.

"You know what is the most thing I hate in this household" you gulp as his tall figure stands directly in front.

"What is it...my lord?"

"Lying makes a person ugly on the inside and outside as it is a sin"

You don't know how you didn't realize the fact that he is holding an expensive cane until he raises it to your chin, forcing it against your delicate skin.

"Don't worry, I'm on the same page as you, Lord Tremaine"

His lips twitch upwards, removing his cane away from your neck.

"Have a good night, Miss (Y/n)"

"And you too, my lord"

Once he leaves, you let out a relieved sigh before throwing yourself on your bed.

Wondering in your mind, how am I going to survive here with a perverted main lead along with his annoying stepbrothers and creepy evil stepfather.


The chirping of birds is what woke you up first thing in the morning.

Or maybe it was the loud shouting of the two brothers calling for Ellard to hurry up with their breakfast.

Stupid whiney brats.

A yawn escapes your lips as you walk out of your chamber, dressed into one of the dresses laying in the closet.

Once you reach the dining room, you get attacked by a familiar cat, as it jumps at you.

"Lucifer get away from her" the cat screeches as Ellard pulls the wicked creature away from you.

"No wonder why you are called Lucifer," you say to the cat, placing your hands on your hips.

Ellard looks at your body, his eyes on the dress you are wearing.

"Where did you get that dress?" He demands.

"I found it in the closet, does it look unfitting" He smiles warmly at you.

"No, it fits you well just as much as it used to fit my mother"

You feel guilty upon seeing his sad expression, though you still feel a bit wary of him since yesterday's accident.

Before you could say anything, Drizello shouts.

"What are you two talking about! stop sulking and bring us the rest of the breakfast, Ellard" you roll your eyes

"No need to worry, I will help Ellard bring the rest of the breakfast plates"

While you and he walked out of the dining room, Ellard turns his head around only to give his two-stepbrothers a victorious smirk.

May the best brother win your heart.

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