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The last few hours you have spent in Lord Tremaine's household was...a bit tiring is the last you can say.

As Drizello and Anastasius made you feel uncomfortable with the way they speak to you and the questions they keep throwing at you.

And one of those is similar to the one Anastasius throw at you.

"So, do you plan on marrying anyone soon?"

You turn towards the red-haired boy and raise an eyebrow at him while he drinks a glass of wine.

"No" you reply bluntly.

"Why? Are you perhaps not a virgin?" Drizello's inquiry makes a glare at him as he sits across from you with a smug smile on his face.

Since when were Disney characters ask such perverted questions?

"It is not polite to ask such a question, Drizello" Lord Tremaine interferes, yet his tone was emotionless, not holding an ounce of scolding towards his older son.

"No, it is alright" you utter out, not removing your eyes away from his dark ones.

"I do not wish to marry because men like yourself make want to stay a virgin"

Ellard who was serving the food almost burst out in laughter at your words.

Surprisingly, the edges of Lord Tremain's lips move upwards, before they return back to their strict position.

"Then you are going to grow into an old hag without a husband, darling" the offended boy spits.

"Enough of that, this is no way to treat our guest, Drizello" at the stern voice of his father, Drizello leans back in his seat in defeat.

"I apologize for my son's bad behavior" Lord Tremain gives a non-sincere apology yet it is better than getting none at all.

"I took no offense, my lord" you reply sweetly

Never have you imagined that you would find the male version of 'The evil stepmother' to be that handsome.

He looks to be in his early fifties, his hair is grey, nevertheless, he lacks wrinkles, his light green eyes are the most attractive thing about him.

You can't blame Ellard's mother for falling for him.

"You look like you need to rest, Lady (Y/n)" Anastasius cuts in kindly.

Ah, Anastasius hasn't been rude to you since your arrival, he is kind despite his nosey question, and this made you create a good image about him.

Maybe you shouldn't have judged a book by its cover.

"I-" Ellard cuts you off.

"I could walk you to your room, considering how you don't know the way very well" you smile at him, causing his cheeks to turn slightly red.

"I would love that" you exclaim.

"NO!" Anastasius's sudden outburst shocked you.

"I want to show you to your room, Ellard is too low for you" he whines.

Alright, you take your words back, he is a brat.

"Anastasius do not bother Lady (Y/n) any further"

"But father-"

"Anastasius" Lord Tremaine warns, causing his younger son to stop his talking.

Once you and Ellard leave, Drizello and Anastasius stare at their father.

"She has taken a liking to him, he is going to steal her away from us, and you are allowing him to do so, father" Drizello accuses angrily.

"Don't worry your heads, in the end, she will marry one of you, I will not allow Ellard to interfere" Anastasius leans forward curiously.

"And how Am I and Anastasius going to seduce her?" Lord Tremaine grins.

"Leave that matter to me"


"Thank you for walking me here, Ellard," you tell him after you two enter your room.

You watch as he closes the door before walking towards you.

"Is there something wrong?" you ask, confused.

You gasp as you get shoved on the large bed behind you before Ellard pins you down with his body.

"Now that we are all alone, why don't you show what you are hiding under that pretty dress of yours, sweetheart"

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