Chapter Thirty Three-"Of course I do"

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The first few pages (2-3) should be fine and maybe the last two pages, but everything in between is strictly restricted stuff so if you're not comfortable reading it, I suggest you don't.

Song to the side is the theme song for the chapter as well as my fave song <3

Chapter Thirty-Three

It was that moment where everything suddenly seemed perfect and you felt completely content with your life. There were no worries and nothing seemed to bring you down no matter how hard you tried to think of something. I was feeling that moment and let me tell you, it was remarkable to feel. My blue eyes were trained on the dazzling lights below me from Sean’s hotel room and I found my body pressed up against the wide window.

Everything looked beautiful from the top of the hotel. Redwood seemed like an entire different place. Lights from the different homes and boutiques shone brightly, making it look like it was part of an enchanted forest. I let out a breath and traced patterns against the window before my eyes reverted back to Sean who was on the phone with room service. Just like me and Juliet, Sean had a room to himself to stay in for the night. Majority of the seniors did, it was just that special moment of Prom and parents seemed to be fine with letting their kids splurge for once.

My eyes remained on Sean as he placed the phone back into its place and then he looked up towards me. I couldn’t help the warm tingly feeling that started at the pit of my stomach. I wasn’t sure if the feeling would ever go away whenever I thought about Sean or was in the same room with him, but all I knew was that I didn’t want it to stop. Goosebumps broke across my skin and I couldn’t help but stand there paralysed as Sean approached me with a small smile placed against his lips. Those kissable lips…

“Do you want your surprise now?” he asked, breaking me away from my thoughts.

I mentally shook away the thoughts of kissing Sean and blinked back any evidence that was present in my eyes before I answered with an eager smile, “Yes.”

Grinning at me, Sean instructed, “Close your eyes.”

Frowning, “Why?” I asked.

Sean raised an eyebrow at me with a snort he replied, “It’s s surprise Lanter. If you see it now then it won’t be a surprise.”

With a reluctant sigh, I shut my eyes and waited impatiently for Sean to get my surprise. While I waited, I couldn’t stop from wondering what the ‘surprise’ was. I mean, it wasn’t like I had gotten Sean anything, which I did feel bad about and here he was being a gentleman and getting me a gift. Strangely enough, Sean Gregory wasn’t as much of the bad boy he was supposed to be. Sure he rode a bike and sported a leather jacket, but he was sweet and kind and completely and utterly gorgeous in that way that made my knees knock-

“You can open your eyes now,” Sean whispered; his warm breath brushing against my face.

My eyes fluttered open slightly before I blinked away the dimness of the room. I had to stop myself from letting out a gasp at the closeness of Sean’s face to mine, but more importantly from the sight of the small and narrow white box he held in his hands. I scanned the cream coloured box, with a simple pink ribbon fixed on the lid. My eyes went back to Sean’s hazel eyes and I chewed on my lower lip tentatively.

“What is it,” I asked, not daring to open the box.

Sean’s eyes darted to the box then to his hands. He looked nervous before he brushed it off with a slight laugh and held the box out to me with a simple, “Why don’t you open it and see?”

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