"Why are you back?" I ask them. "Our sister is making out with some guy in my bed." Cole says irritated. "That's 'cause Britt had to take Jesse in the other room before Shane kicked his ass." Drew says sounding tired. "You two sleep here. I'll push Shane on to the other side of his bed, and we don't speak of us sharing a bed ever again. Understand?" A very pissed off Drew says to Cole and Adam." We wouldn't want Kelsey to get jealous now would we?" Cole jokes. I can see Drew tense up at the mention of his girlfriend's name. “Shut up." Drew snaps at him. "I didn't say any-" "Cole go to bed." I say cutting him off. He rolls his eyes and I turn off the light.

3:00 am. I glance over at the clock. Another sleepless night, just perfect. I miss my daughter. It's not like I would be spending time with her right now, it's just that even when she's not in the house I can't stand it. God knows what I'll do when she gets older and starts having sleepovers. The thought of Claire growing up scares me. I know I can't protect her from everything that I would like. I text Hannah to check in on Claire.

Hey babe, hows claire?

Sleeping. like her daddy should b

I wish i cud!

u wanna come over?

i have my brother and drew over.

so? they wont no!

k i will. see you soon.

Hannah wants me over and my daughter is over there so I should be too. Right? Drew will kill me if he finds out that I bailed the night that Cole and I have a huge fight. Truth is, I can't be with them right now. I want to forget everything that was said to me tonight. That's basically why I started drinking. Sometimes Drew thinks I have a problem since I drink every time I want to just forget something. He's just being paranoid. It's not I'm doing anything wrong. I never go overboard when I have Claire.

"Hi." Hannah says while smiling at me. " " Hi" I sigh and sit down on the couch. " What have you herd on your brother?" She asks since she knows that's what's bugging me. "He's home. Everyone was too tired to say anything." "Well, it's good that he's at home." she comforts me, or at least tries. "He lied to me." I sigh again. "About what?" My girlfriend asks me. "He told me he was a virgin and I totally bought it." Hannah starts laughing. And it's not like a little giggle it a full on laugh, her eyes are watering and her face is red and she is gasping for air. "What's so funny?" I say staring at her weird. "You actually thought your seventeen year old brother was a virgin?" She says holding back the laughter. "Yeah, after what happened to me? I thought maybe he was afraid or something." I say "Were you a virgin at seventeen?" I hesitate before telling her, "No, were you?" She nods her head at me. " I didn't lose it until i was seventeen and a half." "Wow." I mumble. "Why how old were you?" "You want the truth?" I ask her. She nods again at me. “Thirteen." I say sheepishly. She mouth drops open which makes me laugh. "You little man whore!" She jokes with me.

"It's my turn!" Hannah shouts at me. We got bored and we started playing some question game she uses to play with her friends in high school. “Okay, who do you think is the hottest celebrity?" “Oh too easy, Emma Stone for sure." I tell her and she laughs. "Alright, Favorite TV show." I ask her. "House." She says without even having to think about it. "House? Really?" I say making fun of her. "It's awesome!" She says getting defensively. "Cole always liked that show, I never did." I say smiling back at her.

Hannah and I continue our game up until we hear the a knock on the door. "Who's that?" I ask her. She has a scared look on her face and says "I don't know, I'm not excepting anyone over. Especially not at seven thirty in the morning." "You stay in the back with the babies, I check this out. Everything will be fine, I promise." I give her a quick kiss and watch has she disappears into the back of the house.

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